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world book day


World Book Day is an annual event celebrated every year on 23 April by people from all over the world. This is a very important program organized by UNESCO annually to promote reading, publishing and copyright among people all over the world. Instead of celebrating it on 23 April, it is celebrated on the first Thursday of March in the United Kingdom. World Book Day was started by UNESCO for the first time on 23 April 1995.

Usually, it is celebrated by the writer, painter to encourage reading among the common people. It is a world class festival to read more books and is celebrated in more than 100 countries.


There are many stories behind celebrating World Book Day on an annual basis internationally all over the world. In order to pay tribute to the most famous author by the name Miguel de Sarventus, the connection between various booksellers in Spain was established for the first time in the year 1923. This day is the death anniversary of Miguel de Saraventus.

The exact date of World Book Day was first established by UNESCO in 1995 to commemorate World Book Day and Copyright Day. It was decided by UNESCO to celebrate it on 23 April because, according to the Gregorian calendar, the birth and death anniversaries of William Shakespeare, Vladimir Nabokov, Mamuel Sejia Vallejo, Miguel de Sarventas(Died on April 22 and buried on April 23), Joseph Pla, Inca Garcillasso de la Vega's death anniversary and Manuel Vallejo, Morris Druon, and Hallador Laxness.


One can join in celebrating World Book Day by buying and reading some funny and interesting books from the market or famous book shops where all the favorite books are based on the brand, character or author. World Book Day plays a big role in bringing children closer to the habit of reading as well as to generate curiosity in them to know about writers and other important things. UNESCO started celebrating it all over the world to promote reading habits among children easily, publishing and protecting intellectual property using copyright. 23 April is an important date for world literature because 23 April 1616 was the death anniversary of many great personalities.


This date was announced by UNESCO to pay attention to books and authors to pay attention to people from all over the world. It also encourages common people, especially youth, to discover real happiness and knowledge among books and to read books, besides generating new ideas for their special contributions towards the social and cultural development of the people and the country. Giving the customer a rose on each book will encourage them to read the books and feel honored.

In order to obtain the collection of latest books written by famous authors, people working for membership of the library give encouragement. Various activities like visual arts, drama, workshop programs, etc. can be more helpful to encourage people.


On this occasion, books and authors are paid tribute all over the world and people are encouraged to discover the joy of reading. On this day, those people who have made an irreplaceable contribution to social and cultural progress are also honored. The UNESCO Prize is awarded for literature on children and young people in the service of tolerance. Also, the day will also increase understanding among people about copyright laws and other measures to protect intellectual copyright.

There is no doubt that the day has become a platform for people all over the world and especially the stakeholders of the book industry including authors, publishers, educators, librarians, public and private institutions, humanitarian NGOs and the mass media to promote literacy. And to help everyone so that everyone can get educational resources.

According to the current situation where the whole world is fighting with COVID- 19, it is time to realize the importance of reading, to promote children's development as readers and to generate lifelong love for literature. Through reading and the celebration of World Book and Copyright Day, we can bring ourselves closer to others despite the distance, and we can travel through imagination.