Food & beverage Service associate

Certificate Course in Food and Beverage Service Associate  

The new technological advancement has supplemented traditional culinary skills. For this reason, the food and beverage industry has developed something new to offer now and then. It has developed several new openings and it requires professional and skilled manpower. A trained professional is ill-equipped with the accurate knowledge to work in a commercial service environment. For this reason, a certificate Food and Beverage Service Associate  is a popular qualification for individuals working in the food and beverage industry.

National Finishing and Cookery Institute (NFCI) offers Food and Beverage Service Associate certificate course for educating students with the industry needs. The duration of the course is of 4.5 months. NFCI offers teachings by professional experts with industrial training and placement options. There are live sessions and regular workshops for practical teaching.

Certificate Course in Food and Beverage Service Associate Course Details:-

This course is a professional qualification for becoming a Food and Beverage steward. They are responsible for working for long hours, manage and handle different types of table crockeries, customer care, table management, etc. For this reason, students are taught about different skills required for this work like:- 

●Service methodology:- F&B service involves practical skills of service methodologies. Students are taught about proper serving abilities for a variety of dishes.
●Outdoor catering:- Outdoor catering involves serving a large number of people. So, students are given knowledge and training for handling the needs and ensuring the comfort of customers in outdoor catering.
●Customer care:- Customer Service and handling their requirements is not an easy task. Students are taught about customer management and customer care for ideal service.
●Table etiquette and layout:- F&B service professionals must be learned in table etiquette and layout for service in a luxury hotel, restaurant, etc. Students are given theoretical and practical knowledge of table etiquette and layout.
●Time management:- This job requires good time management because a single person manages multiple tables at the same time. Students are imparted to time management skills for this purpose.
●Knowledge of crockery:- Serving food requires knowledge of different crockery. Students are introduced to a won't variety of dining Crockery and their uses.

Food & beverage Service associate

The Certificate Course in Food and Beverage Service Associate is Ideal For:-

1. Hospitality professionals who want to get specialized skills in food and beverage service.
2. People who want to learn special food and beverage service skills.
3. People who are looking for a short part-time course.
4. F&B professionals who want a professional qualification.
5. People who want to start their culinary outlet.

The eligibility of this course is:

Course NameEligibilityDuration


 10th(Matriculation) 4.5 Months

Students from different industries and education qualifications can pursue this certificate in Food and Beverage Service Associate  from NFCI Hotel Management & Culinary Institute

What Will You Learn With Food and Beverage Service Associate Course?

On the successful completion of Certificate in Food and Beverage Service Associate , you will become a qualified F &B service steward. It will teach professional skills necessary for a job in this role with additional knowledge. There are convenient for learners who have the desire to learn at a low cost with certification.

Hospitality is a diverse and precise industry in the modern era. It employs one of the largest numbers of professionals every year in numerous jobs. You can work in a beautiful 5-star or other particular industries like hospitals, industries, universities, schools and colleges, resorts, cruise lines, etc. Get an opportunity to Establish a good future for yourself with a certificate course in Food and Beverage Service Associate by NFCI.


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