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Certificate In Housekeeping Supervisor  

The need for cleanliness and organization is increasing in every personal and professional place. Similarly, it is important in the food and beverage industry too. Customers also prefer good hygiene and organizations as a priority for selecting a dining or temporary residing area. This responsibility lies with a housekeeping supervisor who handles the cleaning personnel. A certificate in housekeeping course is a professional qualification for this job.

National Finishing and Cookery Institute (NFCI) offers a advanced hospitality management courses certificate course in housekeeping supervision teaching all the necessary skills for this role. The Housekeeping management course program  lasts 3 months. NFCI has professional experts from the field to teach students and make them ready for the industry. The housekeeping supervisor experts deal with all tasks related to cleanliness and ancillary services.

Certificate Course Details in Housekeeping

A good cleanliness standard plays a key role in the reputation of a hotel, resort or cruise, etc. While a housekeeping supervisor overlooks this task and ensures a comfortable stay and experience for the customers. So, the skills taught to a housekeeping supervisor are:-

●Knowledge of color schemes- The color scheme in a hotel, restaurant, or any culinary/hospitality outlet plays an important role. For this reason, candidates are given knowledge about color schemes for organizing items in hotel or cruise rooms.
●Staff management- A housekeeping supervisor is responsible for giving duties to staff, hiring, training, and assigning them to work. Students are taught these skills to manage, supervise and report their work.
●Professional cleaning- Professional cleaning is different from normal routine cleaning because customers have high expectations. Students are taught about professional cleaning with efficiency to manage and inspect the work of housekeeping staff.
●Room furnishing and organization skills- Apart from cleaning, organizing miscellaneous items like hygiene essentials, bedding, and basic items, etc. Therefore, students are taught about room furnishing and organization skills.
●Inspecting skills- The most important job of a housekeeping supervisor is ensuring that the room is clean and organized for the customers. As a result, students are taught about inspecting skills to examine the work done by the staff.
●Report-making skills- A housekeeping supervisor is assigned the task to give regular work reports of housekeeping staff to seniors. So, students are taught about the skill to prepare accurate professional reports and work journals.

Students are also taught about handling employee shifts, training and motivating the staff members, etc.

Housekeeping course at NFCI

The Certificate Course  In Housekeeping Management is Suitable for:

1. People who are good at cleaning, inspecting, and organization skills.
2. People who are looking for a short duration course rather than a full-time degree.
3. People who want to become housekeeping supervisors with professional skills.
4. Professional cleaning workers who want to get a recognized qualification.
5. People who are looking to learn a unique skill for decent earning.

The eligibility of this course is:

Course NameEligibilityDuration


 10th(Matriculation) 3 Months

Students of numerous academic and professional backgrounds can join for courses at NFCI  Hotel Management and Culinary Institute.  

What Qualification Will You Gain With a Certificate Course in Housekeeping?

On successful completion of the Certificate Course in Housekeeping Supervisor, you can gain expertise in cleaning and hygiene management. This will also allow you to work in other industries with the same job and responsibilities. Students learn about the fundamentals in the housekeeping industry and you can further get ahead in your career. The course has eligibility of 10th pass.

The certificate in housekeeping course gets recruited at hotels, resorts, hospitals, offices, universities, etc. Furthermore, NFCI offers placement options for a great start to the career.

Professional Housekeeping Supervisor Certificate Course 

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