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Certificate in Catering Management

Catering management is a big part of the food and beverage industry.  It involves preparing, planning, and organizing the food and beverage service for a big number of people at events. Catering is a preferred option for people when it comes to serving a big number of guests. Professional skills and experience are required for complying with custom expectations, maintaining quality standards, and budget management. For this reason, a professional  Catering Management Course equips candidates with all the skills required in this job.

National Finishing and Cookery Institute (NFCI) offers a  catering courses and advanced hotel management courses. These courses are formulated to equip students with all the needs of the industry. It is a 1-year certificate course with industrial training and placement options. The course has a NIOS affiliation with teachings by the best educators. It gives a recognized qualification for working in the niche. The eligibility for catering management courses is 10th pass.

Certificate in Catering Management Details

The skills involved in the job of catering are somewhat distinct from the routine food production skills. For this reason, there are several catering courses after the 10th and 12th to provide specialized skills and knowledge for catering service.  

● Creative skills- Creativity is an important skill for every chef. For this reason, students are taught about creative skills for experimentation and creativity in food and beverages.
● Business operations- Catering involved cooking and management for big events and large groups of people. Students are taught about proper business management to handle such work.
● Marketing- Catering businesses is a competitive industry and marketing is important to get successful and popular. So, students are taught about marketing skills to create good business leads.
● Menu planning- Menu planning has a great significance in carrying business. Students are taught about menu planning and menu designing skills for different types of occasions.
● Pricing and staffing skills- Restaurants, hotels, and resorts, etc have fixed prices for dishes. But, catering is personalized as per needs and occasion. Students are taught about pricing skills and staff management for such public events.
● Public relations- Catering involves engaging directly with the public. For this reason, students are taught good public relations skills.
● Serving skills- There are a large number of guests for a catering business. Therefore, students are taught about serving skills, knowledge of crockery and table layouts.

Catering Management course

Catering Courses Are Relevant For-

1. Professional chefs or hospitality professionals who want to get specialized skills in catering management.
2. People who are willing to start their own culinary business.
3. People who want to pursue a part-time course in the culinary industry.
4. People looking for a job in the catering industry.
5. People in the catering business who want a professional qualification.

The eligibility of this course is:

Course NameEligibilityDuration


 10th(Matriculation) 1 Year and Industrial Training 6 Months

Students from different fields can pursue this  course for qualifying the catering niche at NFCI Hotel Management & Culinary Institute.

What Qualification Will You Gain With Certificate Course In Catering Management?

On the successful completion of certificate in catering management, you will gain a recognized certificate in catering service. You can work in a catering service either as an employee or start your own company. Other than that, you can work at other commercial kitchens at resorts, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, hospitals, etc. You can even work at event management companies and other offices.

NFCI offers course at pocket-friendly rates with recognized certification and placement opportunities. You can get a good job with a stable future with this course.

Professional Certificate in Catering Management

diploma in catering management course