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NFCI Franchise in India

Why You Should Choose NFCI Franchise in India 2023?

Imagine a journey where history meets opportunity, where the past paves the way for a future filled with promise. From ancient migrations to modern-day travels, we’ve evolved, and so has the world of hospitality.

Step into the world of NFCI, where the past and present blend into a recipe for success.

Discover why NFCI Franchise in India isn’t just a franchise; it’s the path to unlocking success in hospitality and education.

So, fasten your seatbelts, as we embark on a journey that promises to change not only the way you think about business but also the way you envision your future.

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The history of travel is a captivating tale of human exploration. Our ancestors, Homo sapiens, embarked on a journey out of Africa around 60,000 years ago. Their curiosity, adaptability, and imagination led them to explore the far corners of the Earth. Over time, the way we travel and experience the world has evolved significantly.


AspectOld TravelCurrent Travel
Means of TransportOn foot, using primitive toolsAirplanes, high-speed trains, vehicles
CommunicationSmoke signals, limited languagesInstant global communication
AccommodationCaves, basic sheltersLuxurious hotels, Airbnb, and more
Exploration PurposeSurvival and migrationLeisure, business, adventure

As the travel situation changes with time, so does the hotel and hospitality industry. So, let’s gather some knowledge about the Hotel and Hospitality Industry.


The concept of hospitality dates back to ancient civilizations. Inns and guesthouses provided weary travelers with a place to rest. Over time, the industry evolved to meet the demands of modern travelers.


AspectOld Hotel IndustryCurrent Hotel Industry
AccommodationBasic lodgings, shared facilitiesLuxury resorts, boutique hotels, diverse options
AmenitiesLimited services and amenitiesSpas, fine dining, entertainment, Wi-Fi access
Booking and ReservationsIn-person or via lettersOnline booking platforms, apps, and websites
Guest ExperienceBasic hospitalityPersonalized experiences, concierge services


NFCI Franchise in India

Established in 1990, NFCI embarked on its journey with a clear vision: to provide top-notch education in Hospitality and Hotel Management that’s accessible to all.

Guided by this mission, NFCI has steered countless careers and revolutionized perceptions about hospitality education. Presently, NFCI has 15 campuses across Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, and Karnataka.

NFCI is regarded as one of the premier Hospitality Institutes in India, holding ISO 9001:2015 certification. With a remarkable presence spanning 15 campuses, NFCI has nurtured over 23,500+ students who have become outstanding representatives across various sectors such as Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines, and Cruise etc. Many of NFCI’s alumni have also carved their path as thriving entrepreneurs.

NFCI stands as a reputable placement partner for esteemed hotels like Radisson, Sarovar Portico, Best Western, Country Inn Suites, Lemon Tree, ITC Fortune, Four Points by Sheraton, Ramada, and more.


There are many reasons for choosing NFCI as your franchise that are mentioned below:

  • Hospitality + Education = Lucrative Business Venture:

As an NFCI franchisee, you get the best of both worlds. You’re not only providing top-notch hospitality services but also shaping the future of aspiring students in the hospitality industry. In short, you will not just embrace a successful business, but you’re also giving back to your community by teaching the next generation. NFCI Franchise is a smart choice that’s both rewarding and profitable.

  • Proven Franchise Model with Successful Outcome Nationwide :

NFCI’s franchise model has a track record of success all across the country. It means that no matter where you open an NFCI franchise, you have a proven blueprint for success that has worked for others. So, you can feel confident knowing you’re part of a winning team, no matter where you set up.

  • Recession free Business:

When you choose an NFCI franchise, you’re entering a business that doesn’t just survive but thrives even during tough economic times. This is because NFCI offers not just education but also valuable skills that are always in demand. The skills and knowledge you provide to students never go out of style, making your franchise recession-resistant.

  • ROI within Two and a half years :

With NFCI, you don’t have to wait for ages to see your investment pay off. In just two and a half years, you’ll start seeing the money you put into your franchise come back to you. It means you can enjoy the benefits of your hard work and investment relatively quickly, giving you a faster return on your money.

  • Dedicated Corporate Office and Support Team of more than 50 members:

NFCI comes with a dedicated corporate office and a big team of over 50 experts who are always there to help you. So, you’re never alone in your business journey. Whether you have questions, need assistance, or want advice, you can count on this experienced team to support you every step of the way.

  • Over 33 Years of Success Stories: NFCI Franchise in India

NFCI isn’t new to this game. They’ve been around for more than 33 years, and during that time, they’ve created numerous success stories. This means you’re joining a franchise with a long history of helping people like you succeed. You can trust their experience and expertise to guide you toward your own success story.

  • A strong Alumni Base of 23,500+ :

NFCI boasts a large alumni family of over 23,500 graduates. This means you’re not just joining a franchise; you’re becoming part of a vast network of successful individuals who have been through the same journey. You can tap into this extensive network for support, guidance, and opportunities as you build your own success story with NFCI.

  • National and Internationally Affiliated Program:

NFCI offers programs that are not just recognized nationally but also internationally. This means the education and training you provide through your franchise align with global standards. So, you’re not limited to one region; you’re part of a network that opens doors to opportunities both at home and around the world.

NFCI Franchise in India              NFCI Franchise in India  NFCI Franchise in India

  • Course Tenure starting from 3 months upto 1 year:

NFCI offers courses that cater to different schedules. Whether someone can commit to just 3 months or prefers a more in-depth 3-year program, NFCI has options for everyone. This flexibility ensures you can attract a wide range of students, making your franchise more accessible and appealing to diverse learners.

  • Various Scholarship/Concession Schemes:

NFCI provides various ways to help students financially, such as scholarships and discounts. This means you can attract students from different backgrounds and offer them the support they need to pursue their education and career goals, making your franchise accessible and inclusive.

  • Comprehensive Franchise Support: Infrastructure, Setup, Sales & marketing, Digital marketing, HR, Academics & Administration:

NFCI doesn’t just hand you the keys and wish you luck. They offer comprehensive support in various areas like setting up your location, marketing and sales, managing digital marketing, handling human resources, academics, and administration. It’s like having a reliable partner by your side, ensuring you have the tools and guidance needed to run your franchise successfully.

  • Guaranteed Placements across India and Abroad – NFCI owns full responsibility of Placements:

NFCI guarantees job placements not only within India but also abroad. They take full responsibility for making sure their graduates find employment. This means you’re not just offering education; you’re providing a clear path to career opportunities, both nationally and internationally, ensuring the success of your students and the reputation of your franchise.

  • Owns full responsibility of Student’s Examinations & Certification:

NFCI takes complete responsibility for handling student exams and certifications. This means you can focus on delivering quality education while NFCI ensures that students’ progress is well-monitored, and they receive the certifications they need to succeed in their careers. It’s a hassle-free way to provide a top-notch education experience.

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NFCI Franchise in IndiaIn the dynamic world of franchise opportunities, NFCI stands out as a beacon of success. With a rich history in hospitality and a commitment to education, NFCI offers a franchise model that combines the best of both worlds. As you consider your franchise business options in India in 2023, remember that NFCI isn’t just a choice; it’s a recipe for success.

Join the NFCI family and embark on a journey of prosperity, innovation, and culinary excellence like no other.

So, why wait? Make NFCI your only choice for a franchise business in India in 2023, and start your path to a successful and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.