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Why is Indian food famous

Why is Indian food famous all over the world?

Our nation is world acclaimed for its numerous legacy however these well known food styles here have given India a particular character on the planet.

India is a country with various religions, standings and dialects. Each territory here has its own particular personality, as the distance of a couple of kilometers changes its taste. At the point when taste is referenced, we can’t disparage any state. Be it Uttar Pradesh or Rajasthan, all the state dishes have their own uncommon component. Some place the fiery food and somewhere else the sharp sweet flavor produces variety in the food of India.


Biryani is the most famous dish of Mughlai food which is effectively discovered anyplace in India. It is produced using rice, in which numerous kinds of vegetables are added. As per its test, it is made in veg and non-veg style. Blending a wide range of vegetables, cheddar and neutrilla in it makes it a solid dish. Biryani of Hyderabad and Lucknow is well known everywhere on the world. So now at whatever point you get an opportunity, certainly taste the genuine test.


Gujarati food has a little sweet flavor add to each dish. Albeit every one of the dishes here are sweet seasoned, they are effectively edible because of their low oil content. You will test great vegan assortment in Gujarati food. Dhokla, Khakhara, Khandvi and Kadhi are a portion of the famous dishes here.


From delectable rice to Kashmiri rogan kid, there are numerous such dishes of Kashmir which are known for their best taste. A large number of the Kashmiri dishes are sauce which is presented with rice. For non-veggie lover individuals, Kashmiri food offers great assortment. As a result of which food here is remembered for the world acclaimed cooking.

South Indian

You will think about the Tasty Dishes of South India. Various sorts of dosa, medu vada, idli, uttapam and appam are a portion of the food sources that have made south a particular personality. Which makes vacationers visiting Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Goan Food

Goa is known for its sea shore gathering and night life separated from its food. The fish world is especially renowned here. Goa’s windloo, curry, and many curry base non-veg dishes are very mainstream. Sightseers coming from abroad are likewise their fans.

Punjabi Food

It is said about Punjab that this state represents individuals who drink. There is a fragrant scent in each city here and it is a sample of belongingness which is additionally reflected in their food. It is said that individuals here are good in eating and taking care of and surprisingly why does the food here be so tasty. These heavenly mines are enjoyed by individuals from practically all locales of India. Punjab generally creates wheat, rice and dairy items. Consequently Punjabi individuals use them more in their mines. Milk and curd are utilized a great deal in their food. Individuals here like ghee or margarine without a doubt. Consequently,  ghee is poured over every dish. A portion of the dishes which are world acclaimed : Rajma Rice and Chole Rice, Makki ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag, Dal Tadka and Dal Makhni, Parathas and Naan, Butter Chicken and Kadai Chicken and so on.

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