Assistant Chef course at NFCI

Assistant Chef Course (NSDC)

The food and beverage industry is one of the busiest industries. Its popularity is always on the rise because food lovers are found in every corner of the world. Along with professional chefs, there is a constant need for new trainee chefs. This makes the job of a Assistant Chef very important and prospective for aspiring chefs. Trainee chefs are basic chefs who work under the head chef. They are responsible for accurate disposal, storage, item supervision, etc as directed by the senior chef. Big commercial kitchens involve the requirement of more than 10-15 trainee chefs. Along with this trainee, chefs gain good experience to further get promoted to senior positions. For this reason, there is a special 6 months Chef Course for an Assistant Chef .

National Finishing and Cookery Institute (NFCI), Culinary Institute in India offers special Chef Training Courses for Assistant Chef . This will teach aspiring chefs about all the basic knowledge and skills for becoming a basic chef. This chef course duration makes it ideal for people who are looking for a short duration course. NFCI offers advanced culinary courses with training and education from professional chefs and a certificate at the end with global recognition. This course is provided with an affiliation with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation). 

Assistant Chef Course (NSDC) Certificate Details:-

The students who enroll themselves in the NSDC Trainee Chef Course learn a variety of skills like:-

1. Monitoring skills- The Assistant Chef are responsible for monitoring the kitchen work and food preparation. So, Students are taught about monitoring skills for food preparation and kitchen management.
2. Inventory management skills- Tracking and managing the work and supplies is an important part of commercial cooks. Students are taught about inventory management skills for managing supplies and pantry.
3. Knowledge of quality standards- Trainee chefs are also responsible to ensure that the food prepared complies with the quality standards. Students are taught about the local, national and international health guidelines and commercial food preparation standards.
4. Food preservation- Food preservation plays an important role in professional kitchens where food is prepared in bulk. Therefore, students are taught about traditional and scientific food preservation skills.
5. Storage skills- Students are taught about the storage of supplies and ingredients. They are also taught about preparing reports on the use and balance of stock supplies.
6. Presentation skills- Students are taught about the presentation skills involved in commercial kitchens for a variety of dishes.
7. Basic cooking skills- The most important skills taught to students are basic cooking, food procurement, food production, and kitchen management skills.
8. Hygiene and sanitation skills- Students are taught about Hygiene and sanitation skills for big commercial kitchens.

Assistant Chef course at NFCI

The Assistant Chef Course is Suitable For:- 

1. Aspiring chefs who want to start a career in the culinary industry.
2. Professional chefs who want to learn different skills involved in kitchen management.
3. People who are looking for a chef course duration of 3 months.
4. People who want to open their restaurants, hotels, resorts, etc.
5. People with cooking passion who want to get basic cooking skills.

The eligibility of this course is:

Course NameEligibilityDuration


 10th(Matriculation) 6 Months

Students from different educational backgrounds possess the basic eligibility for this course. They can register themselves for this course in NFCI Hotel Management and Culinary Institute.

What Qualification Will You Gain With The Assistant Chef Course?

On successful completion of this 6 months Chef Course for Trainee Chef you can obtain the professional qualification to work as a trainee chef in commercial kitchens. You get a recognized certificate. It is one of the most recent courses to become a chef in India designed to match the industry's needs.

This course is available online with learning flexibility at "theilearning'', which is an online learning platform by NFCI. It is a small course at pocket-friendly prices which is perfect for new aspiring chefs. Students will get an opportunity to work at big restaurants, hotels, resorts, cruises, etc. This is an ideal Chef Course to start a culinary career and gain experience in big commercial kitchens.

"Fulfill Your Dream To Work In Big Commercial Kitchens By 6 Months Chef Course in Assistant Chef ." 


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