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Hotel Management Institute in Una


Nestled by the serene Swan River, Una has transformed into a vibrant hub of commercial and trade activities. Amidst this dynamic environment, the field of hotel management emerges as a promising and job-oriented career path. NFCI, established in 1990 as the National Finishing and Cookery Institute, stands at the forefront of offering top-notch education in Hotel Management.

The scope of hotel management in Una extends beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing a broad spectrum of services, notably within the thriving food industry. As the demand for skilled professionals in hospitality continues to rise, NFCI Una provides a unique opportunity for individuals to enter this dynamic field.

Choosing NFCI Una means immersing yourself in the contemporary energy of the town but also securing a promising future in hotel management. Explore the exciting world of culinary excellence and job-oriented prospects with NFCI Una, where your career path aligns with the modern demands of the hospitality industry.


Revolutionizing Culinary Mastery at NFCI Una


Amidst the evolving hospitality landscape, NFCI Una, located just 240 m away from the bus stand, leads in targeted skill education. Going beyond traditional hotel management, NFCI Una ensures a comprehensive mastery of both culinary arts and hospitality expertise, creating a unique blend of affordable excellence in culinary education. In Una, affordability seamlessly intertwines with unparalleled learning opportunities. For passionate food enthusiasts, NFCI Una provides an array of courses, including Housekeeping Supervisor, Food & Beverage Service Associate, Assistant Chef, Commis Chefs, and certifications in Bakery, Indian Tandoori, Chinese, and continental, as well as food production & cookery. Transform your culinary passion into a dynamic career at NFCI Una, where each course propels you toward culinary mastery.


NFCI Una - Nurturing Talent and Innovation

NFCI Una is a vital hub within the distinguished NFCI Group, leaving an indelible mark on the hospitality sector with a rich legacy spanning over 34 years. Positioned as a premier Hotel Management Institute in India, NFCI Una paves the way for a bright career for budding professionals. Our adept faculty and cutting-edge commercial training labs employ a versatile approach, honing talent across every dimension of the dynamic hospitality industry. The outstanding accomplishments of our alumni stand as a testament to the exceptional educational standards maintained at NFCI Una, establishing a unique presence not just within the city but throughout the entire region.


Expanding Horizons Nationwide

Since its inception in 1990 with Jalandhar as the nucleus, NFCI has evolved into a nationwide entity, extending its reach across Himachal Pradesh with five prime locations. The journey encompasses Barsar (2006), Solan (2009), Kangra (2016), and Chamba (2020), and reaches its pinnacle in Hamirpur in 2024. Renowned for facilitating coveted industry placements and collaborations with esteemed brands, our institute signifies a commitment to disseminating top-quality hospitality education and excellence across diverse regions. This strategic expansion underscores NFCI's dedication to shaping skilled professionals and contributing significantly to the advancement of the field.




Words of Managing Director

The intention behind the institute was to bridge the gap between institutional education and restaurant operation. Shifting the focus from theoretical information to industrial experience, not only lets the students become equipped with skills to handle on-ground situations, but it also opens doors for the ones who can learn practical lessons rather than theoretical teaching.


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Craft Your Career with NFCI Una


Prepare for an extraordinary culinary voyage at NFCI Una, where we transcend the ordinary, crafting dreams into culinary masterpieces. Our avant-garde cooking and grooming center propels you beyond the basics, immersing you in a dynamic curriculum that stretches from essential survival cooking classes to immersive leadership and business mentoring seamlessly threaded into our hotel management program. Witness the grandeur of our graduates securing stellar positions with industry titans, a testament to NFCI Una's unwavering commitment to excellence. Immerse yourself in a hospitality journey where passion intertwines with unparalleled professionalism, and watch your culinary aspirations ascend to unparalleled heights in uncharted realms of gastronomic brilliance. Elevate your culinary journey - NFCI Una, where the extraordinary is the norm.


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