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Certificate In Customer Service Executive

(Meet and Greet)  

The food and beverage industry is changing its trends over time. The requirements and expectations of the consumers are also increasing. This has given rise to several new jobs and niches with professional education and training to comply with the new demands. One such role is of a meet and greet officer. A meet and greet officer has a crucial significance in the hospitality industry. They are responsible for meetings and greeting customers. A Customer Service Executive (Meet and Greet )  professionally educates candidates and teaches them to arrange for a guest transfer, address customer queries, overlook complaints and needs while ensuring good service.

National Finishing and Cookery Institute (NFCI) offers advanced hospitality management coursesCertificate in Customer Service Executive (Meet and Greet)  course catering to the modern-day needs of the culinary industry. This course gives professional qualifications for front office and reception work. The front office work includes a direct connection with the customers. The job includes Public relations, guest relations, front office management, and complaint service, etc. A big commercial outlet of the hospitality industry like restaurants, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, etc requires multiple meet and greet officers to adhere to the high number of customers with individual expectations. The Customer Service Executive (Meet and Greet) certificate has a duration of 3 months with eligibility of 10th pass.

Certificate In Customer Service Executive (Meet and Greet)  Course Details

The candidates are given in-depth knowledge of communication and management with customers. At the same time, practical training is given with professional skills. Students get to learn skills like:-

● Front office handling- Front office handling involves data management and managing calls and inquiries etc. Students are taught about front office handling skills and data supervision.
● Telephone etiquette- A big part of front office handling involves magazine telephone calls for an inquiry, booking, complaints, etc. Students are taught about managing a heavy load of telephone and communicating professionally with customers.
● Inquiry handling- All the inquires are answered and solved by the meet and greet officers. So, students are taught about inquiry handling, problem-solving and proper communication of information.
● Fire Safety and first aid- Customer Service Executive (Meet and Greet) also overlook fore safety and first aid in emergencies. Therefore, students
● Front area management- Front area management involves handling the reception, front office, and entrance of the place. Students are taught front area management skills with personality development to engage efficiently with customers.
● Computer Knowledge- All the data management is done through the computer. For this reason, students are taught about the basic computer knowledge of management and digital communication.
● Emails and letter writing- Emails and letters are sent, received, and handled by the front office. As a result, students are taught about sending, receiving, sorting, and storing mails. They are also taught about drafting letters.

The Customer Service Executive (Meet and Greet) Certificate Course is Suitable For:-

• Professional chefs and cooks who want to learn and work in the hospitality sector.
• People looking for a short duration course and learning some professional skills.
• People who are planning to start their own culinary or hospitality outlet.
• A hospitality specialist who desires to work in the front office area.

The eligibility of this course is:

Course NameEligibilityDuration


 10th(Matriculation) 3 Months

Students from different streams and academic backgrounds can enlist for this course at NFCI Hotel Management and Culinary Institute.  

What Qualification Will You Gain By The Certificate As Customer Service Executive (Meet and Greet ) ?

On successful completion of the certificate in Customer Service Executive (Meet and Greet ) you can gain expertise in hospitality and front office desk. You can work in the front area of a professional food and beverage outlet and even in other industries. NFCI also offers internship and placement opportunities with skill learning.

"Make a Profitable Career With  Certificate Customer Service Executive (Meet and Greet ) by NFCI"

Advanced Certificate Customer service Executive (Meet & Greet)

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