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Certificate Course in Bakery

The rapid population growth and influence has contributed to the popularity of global cuisines and desserts. The bakery industry and bakery products have become a common preference for all foodies. In the view of this preference, the demands for bakery items have increased. It has also contributed to the popularity of bakery and confectionery. The popular bakery chains are a proof of this popularity. While the increased popularity of ready-to-eat items have further ignited this sector. Traditionally, since time immemorial sweets and desserts have been a common part of the regular diet of man. Today, technological innovations are fueling this element.

National Finishing and Cookery Institute (NFCI) provides a Bakery Certification Course to equip students with expert bakery skills. This course is formulated catering to all the professional needs and requirements in the industry. This course imparts students with the comprehensive skills to become a professional baker or dessert chef. NFCI has professionally expert teachers, workshops, practical labs, seminars and even guest lectures for Certificate in Bakery. We provide industrial training along with placement opportunities with this course.

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certificate course in bakery
certificate course in bakery

Bakery Certification Course Details

Aspiring Bakers from a Certificate Course in Bakery are taught about creativity, multitasking abilities, discipline, personality development, good decision making skills, baking skills etc.

1. Baking skills- The most basic skills in bakery and confectionery are baking skills. Students are taught about baking breads, cookies, muffins etc.
2. Organizational skills- Bakers have to plan dessert menus and somewhat manage the kitchen and accounting too. Students are taught about organizational and kitchen management skills.
3. Frosting and icing skills- Frosting and icing are common steps for European baking. Therefore, students are taught about preparing and using frosting and icing.
4. Freezing and melting skills- Frozen desserts, ice creams, candies, chocolates, custard etc are prepared by freezing and melting techniques. So, Students are taught about freezing and melting skills.
5. Knowledge of ingredients- Students are introduced and taught about the use of different ingredients in baking and pastry-making.
6. Personality development skills- Along with other desirable skills, students are taught good personality development skills to deal with guests at the outlet. 

Certificate in Bakery and confectionery

The Bakery Certificate Course is Suitable For :-

1. Professional chefs and cooks who are not well knowledgeable about bakery and dessert making.
2. People who want to start dessert shops, bakery or pastry shops.
3. People who are passionate about learning bakery and pastry-making.
4. A professional chef who wants to gain expertise in bakery and pastry-making.
5. People who want to purse a part-time course in place of a full-time degree course of 3-4 years.

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The eligibility of this course is:

Course NameEligibilityDuration


 10th(Matriculation) 6 Months

Students of different educational and occupational backgrounds can enroll for certificate course in bakery at NFCI Culinary Institute . The course is available at pocket-friendly prices with industrial training.

What Qualification Will You Gain With a Baking Certification Course?

After successful completion of a certificate in a bakery you will be a professional dessert chef. You can gain bakery expertise at work in prominent restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts etc. NFCI provides a certificate in Bakery course at its online learning platform called "ilearning". It is available with certification at the end and placement opportunities at home.

It gives good pay, numerous job opportunities and stable job opportunities. You can be a baker, pastry Chef, food Photographer, cake decorator, pastry artist, bakery manager, food Blogger, dessert chef and much more. The employment of baker is estimated to grow in the future years. Students who are interested in cooking and baking should not leave this opportunity. Working at a bakery is a sustainable and glamorous employment option.

"Become ready to bake at professional kitchens with Bakery Certification at NFCI"


certification course in bakery

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