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 Certificate in Cookery 

The culinary industry has expanded into wide horizons. There are multiple outlets and an array of services. There are theme restaurants, specialty restaurants, exotic resorts, international cruise lines, etc that employ competent professionals for work. Therefore, special courses like culinary certificate courses and certificate in cookery are formulated to acquaint students with all skills.

National Finishing and Cookery Institute (NFCI) offers a Certificate in Cookery and other culinary courses. Students get to learn from our best educators who have decent experience in the field and modern labs with complete equipment. We organize regular workshops and guest lectures from prominent personalities in the culinary world. NFCI also gives industrial training opportunities and 100% placement assistance for a bright career in culinary.

A commercial Cookery Certificate course or Culinary Certificate course makes aspirant cooks learn about professional gourmet cooking and secure prospective employment. There are numerous subjects to teach students about a specialized blend of technical cooking skills and food preparation methods.

Certificate in Cookery Details:-

Students and aspiring chefs learn about various culinary skills like

1. Customer care skills- Customer management and hospitality are very crucial in the culinary field. Therefore, students are taught practical customer care skills.
2. Table layout skills- Along with food preparation and preservation, table layout plays a big role. It gives a good experience to guests and makes the food more appealing. So, students are taught advanced table layout skills and important table manners.n
3. Cuisine experimentation- Experimentation is involved in every field. For culinary, experimentation is executed with various ingredients and flavors to prepare new dishes. Students are taught about cuisine experimentation and the skills involved in this work.
4. Kitchen planning- Commercial kitchen management is not an easy task. Students are taught about kitchen planning and kitchen management skills for handling big commercial kitchens.
5. Hotel training- Students are taught comprehensive skills to manage commercial kitchens and hotels. It involves both hospitality and culinary skills.
6. Food preservation skills- Food preservation is a big part of the commercial cooking and food processing industry. Students are taught about food preservation skills.
7. Costing- Food cost control is important to increase profits and revenue in commercial kitchens. Food cost control skills, costing, and accounting is taught to aspiring chefs.
8. Nutrition and hygiene skills- Nowadays people have become more concerned over nutrition and hygiene in eating and drinking habits. Hence, students are taught about Nutrition and hygiene in food preparation.

Certificate in Cookery course

 The Cookery Certificate Course is Specially Designed For:-

1. Those who want to become proficient in cookery and food preparation techniques to work in specialty restaurants.
2. People from another field who want to fuel their passion for cooking.
3. Aspiring chefs who want to get a professional qualification in culinary.
4. People who don't want to go for a complete 3 or 4 years undergraduate course.
5. Students from other fields and industries can take admission in Certificate Course in professional cookery at NFCI Hotel Management and Culinary Institute in India.

The eligibility of this course is:

Course NameEligibilityDuration


 10th(Matriculation) 1 Year and Industrial Training of 6 Months

What Qualification Will You Gain After Completing a Certificate In Cookery? 

On successful completion of the Certificate in Professional Cookery, you will become a professional chef. This course gives proficiency in culinary skills. The certifcate in culinary arts gives detailed training in every role involved in working in the culinary industry. This certificate course will enable students to about food preparation, presentation, food processing, food science, accounting, and nutrition.

Students can work at the best hotels, restaurants cafes, resorts, catering, and airline services that are a part of the food and beverage industry. There is decent pay and job stability for a good career. These cookery courses are also available online to interested people at the "theilearning" platform. It is an online learning platform that gives recognized certification and job chances.

"Give Wings To Your Culinary Dreams With a Certificate In Cookery at NFCI."


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