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Tips for office grooming

Tips For Office Grooming

Tips For Office Grooming

Do you know what is as important as a qualification in the corporate world? Yeah, it is as needed as the skills. Believe me; even after having experience, you will not get hired if you don’t know about this.  Oh, don’t put too much pressure on your mind; I’m talking about ‘GROOMING.’

What Is Grooming?

‘Our appearance is the statement of who we are.’ – Anonymous.

A combination of discipline and style is called grooming. It is generally considered a method to maintain yourself to look clean and good. It covers everything that you do for your pleasant appearance. How we look depicts who we are. Therefore, you must be attentive about your grooming because it shows your personality as well as your organization’s professional picture.

But, you must keep in mind that your business’s grooming policy should be the same for every type of work, and everyone must follow the guidelines. Although, it is also vital that your business’s grooming policy should not hurt anyone’s feelings or rights.

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Importance of  Office Grooming: –

Whether you are working in the hospitality industry, MNCs, or doing any other corporate jobs, grooming is the most prominent in the professional sector. You must be heard that ‘You Look Good, You Feel Good.’ Therefore, grooming is also necessary to increase your confidence and make a good impression at your workplace.

One more thing for which grooming is necessary because it represents you and your organization’s image in front of your clients or guests. Especially if we talk about the hospitality sector, a dress code is a must for the staff to show their decent image and make guests feel comfortable while interacting with them.

Therefore it says, ‘First Impression Can Make or Break Your Image.’ –Anonymous.

Significance of Office Grooming In Business:-

Effective grooming guidelines and standards can be beneficial for you to maintain a dress code at your workplace and make sure that your business will remain in a positive light. Well-maintained grooming policies will allow your business –

  • To guarantee and support consistent business standards
  • To Reduce distractions and ensure productivity
  • To reflect business core values
  • To maintain a safe work environment

How Can you Maintain Office Grooming?

There are little things to which, if you pay attention, you can look and feel professional:

  • Uniform
  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Nails
  • Breath
  • Body Fragrance
  • Body language

HowCanyou Make Effective Grooming policies?

The following suggested points will help you to maintain fair and effective business grooming policies:

  • Make specific and understandable policies
  • Policies should Be comprehensive
  • Policies must be gender-neutral
  • Don’t forget ADA (Americans with disabilities act)
  • Policies should be clearly mentioned in your employee handbook
  • Employment laws should be included
  • Update policies annually

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Do’s Of Office Grooming: –

  • Casual Clothing
  • Neatly-done hair
  • Minimal makeup (for girls)
  • Clean-shave (for boys)
  • Light perfume
  • Polished shoes
  • Fresh breath

Don’t of Office Grooming:-

  • Wear flashy things and clothes
  • Be a fashion disaster
  • Copying someone else style
  • Bad breath
  • Unhygienic

After discussing grooming briefly, we are now moving on towards providing you with some tips on office grooming for employees.

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Office Grooming Tips For Males:- Grooming does not just represent your company’s professionalism; it shows your personality too. Therefore, it is a must for males as it is for female staff. The following are given some grooming points to must keep in your mind-

  • Clean/trim Beard: –If you are workingin a corporate world, you have to maintain a clean shave look. Some organizations allow trim Beard style, but a long beard look is not allowed until it is related to your religious beliefs. 
  • Personal Hygiene: This is an essential part of grooming because no matter how good your clothes would be, nobody will even like to talk with you if you don’t look fresh and hygienic. Personal Hygiene includes clean teeth, fresh breath, a clean body, etc. 
  • Comb Hair: – Your hair should be adequately combed, set, and Trim. And your hairstyle should be decent. 
  • Well-maintained Clothes: –Follow the dress code of your company. But, if there is no particular dress code, it doesn’t mean you can wear anything. You should wear decent formal clothes. Always wear Black, grey or blue color formal trousers. Also, your shirts should be wrinkle-free and of light colors. 
  • Light Perfume: –Smelling good is not just well-grooming; it is considered an etiquette too. Always use light perfumes that match your decent personality. 
  • Trimmed Nails: – Clean and trimmed nails represent how hygienic you are. Therefore, your nail should be trimmed and clean.
  • Polished Shoes: – Just imaginedirty footwear with clean and crisp clothes. Doesn’t it look awkward? Of course, it does. So, never forget to polish your shoes before leaving for your workplace. 
  • Gentleman Styling: –It means your dressing sense should be decent. Your belt and shoes must be of the same color. Overall, it would be best to look like a complete gentleman at your workplace. Because ‘Being a gentleman is never goes out of style’ – Anonymous.
  • Clean Spectacles: – If you are one of those who wear spectacles, they must be clean too. Yes, it is also covered under the grooming. 

Avoid tattoos: – Always keep one thing in mind tattoos are not allowed in the corporate sector. Therefore, it is better not to have any tattoos, but they shouldn’t be visible if you have one. 

Office Grooming Tips For Females: –The following are given some grooming points to must keep in your mind- 

  • Personal Hygiene: – Personal Hygiene is a part of taking care of your body. It includes everything from clean and shining teeth to a clean body. 
  • Decent Clothing: – Your dress and clothing style should be decent and formal. Don’t try to be extra or wear flashy clothes; it will make a wrong impression. 
  • Smell Good: – Smelling good is a part of well-maintained Hygiene. Therefore, always use mild perfumes to add charm to your personality. 
  • Properly Done Hair: – Your hair should be appropriately done in a bun or ponytail. A messy hairstyle doesn’t go well with your professional look. 
  • Minimal Makeup: –We can understand makeup is a girl’s best friend, but never forget you are going to work, not for a party. 
  • Clean Nails: – Being a female, your nails should be properly clean and manicured. 
  • Comfortable footwear: – Never wear heels at your workplace; it can make you uncomfortable.Try to wear comfortable or flat footwear. 
  • Avoid Tattoos: – Tattoos are not allowed in the professional sectors, so if you have any, try to hide them always. 
  • A Big No to Jewellery: – Who wears heavy Jewellery in the office? Exactly, heavy Jewellery doesn’t look nice in the office. You can wear light Jewellery pieces that complement your dressing style. 
  • Clean Spectacles: – Your spectacles should be clean if you wear one. 

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It must be clear to you from the above text that how grooming is essential not just for your personality but also to represent your business or organization too.

If you are already working or have decided to join any company, in that case, these above-mentioned tips for office grooming will be helpful to you. 

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   ‘Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity’ – Anonymous.