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Hospitality Management & Advanced Culinary Courses  

The food and service industry has flourished to become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The industry has recorded vast changes with new advancements, innovations, and adaptations. It has become more developed because of the increasing demands resulting in the need for professionals. It has widened its horizons in search of new and specialized talents. Keeping in view the rising demand of the industry, we have introduced new and expert culinary courses for culinary aspirants.

Our courses are formulated with an emphasis on the industry needs and requirements.  These culinary courses provide expertise in specific niches and cater to new advancements in the culinary world. We provide industrial training with our hospitality Management Courses and guaranteed placement. 

Types of Courses We Offer 

  • Certificate courses: The certificate courses make you learn the special skills of a particular culinary niche with industrial training. You will become a certified professional with all the necessary culinary skills.
    • Certificate in Bakery (eligibility - class 8 and duration of 4 months)
    • Certificate in Cookery (eligibility- class 8 and duration of 4 months)
    • Certificate in food preparation and culinary arts (eligibility- class 10 with a duration of 1 year and 6 months of industrial training)   


  • Professional courses: The professional courses have a longer duration than certificate courses for gaining a professional qualification. The eligibility is class 10 for 1-year culinary courses with 6 months of industrial training.
    • Certificate in culinary skills
    • Certificate in Cookery
    • Certificate in bakery
    • Certificate in food and beverage services
    • Certificate in F & B services
    • Catering Management
    • Bakery and confectionery
    • Front office operations

Explore Our Career Oriented Hospitality & Culinary Courses

Our Courses Are Affiliated From National and International Bodies  

We have affiliated and collaborated with the national skill development corporation, the Skill India program, the National Institute of open school, the American Hotel and lodging educational institute, and the Tourism and hospitality skill council. We have been operating Hotel Management & Culinary Institute in India  since 1990 with 3 decades of experience in hotel management courses and teaching services. We have gained decent success while serving the requirements for professionals in the food and beverage industry.

  1. Housekeeping supervisor- They are professionals responsible for managing and monitoring cleaning, housekeeping, and other such activities. It has a duration of 3 months with the eligibility of 12th.
  2. F and B service steward- They are professionals who serve food and beverages to guests at hotels, restaurants, resorts, etc. It has a duration of 4.5 months with the eligibility of 10th.
  3. Trainee chef- Trainee chefs work under senior chefs and assist them in food preparation, cooking, food procurement, and maintain cleanliness in the kitchen. It has a duration of 6 months and eligibility of 10th.
  4. Meet and greet officers:  Meet and greet officers interact with the guests, address their concerns, and manage their queries and complaints. It has a duration of 3 months with the eligibility of 10th. A special requirement here is commendable communication skills.

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Career Opportunities in Culinary Courses and Hospitality Management

Culinary courses give relevant knowledge to students and culinary art skills. They shape culinary aspirants into professionals ready to serve in the food and beverage industry. There are a comprehensive range of Career opportunities immaterial pursuing culinary education like:

  1. Specialty Chefs - Specialty Chefs are professional chefs working in the kitchen who perform different functions in cooking.
  2. Specialty Bakers- Specialty Bakers are professional Bakers who prepare different kinds of bakery dishes like bread, pies, cakes, pastries, cookies, cupcakes, etc.
  3. Pastry Professionals- Pastry Chef specializes in preparing desserts, pastries, cake pieces, etc. They perform different functions like baking and chilling with baking equipment.
  4. Food Photographer- Food photography is used in the commercial photography field. They click unique images that are used in advertisements, magazines, packaging, cookbooks, etc.
  5. Concept developer- Concept development involves activities that are used for performing operations in a restaurant, hotel, resort, hospitality facilities, etc.
  6. Food Blogger- Professionals who are experts in blogging for the food niche.
  7. Chef Manager- There are many managerial positions for culinary professionals in restaurants, hotels, etc.
  8. Food Entrepreneur- Food Entrepreneurs are culinary professionals operating businesses in the food and beverage industry.
  9. Kitchen Designer- Kitchen designers are involved in the designing work for the culinary industry.
  10. Culinary trainer- Culinary trainers are culinary professionals who train freshers in the industry.


The food and beverage industry are a prominent industry with great job opportunities, decent earning packages, stable jobs etc.

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Explore Our Newly Design Online Courses For Culinary Available In TheiLearning

The world has changed in modern times with the new flexible medium of the internet. Catering to these new needs we have introduced special online courses for culinary and hospitality management. They are designed by the industry's needs. These courses are flexible and can be learned through the internet medium with convenience.  Our online courses include:

  • Basics of culinary skills
  • Certificate in Indian cuisine
  • Certificate in Chinese cuisine
  • Certificate in food production (Especially for budding chefs)
  • Certificate in Bakery
  • Certificate in Tandoor
  • Certificate in Cookery
  • Treat of East-Chinese
  • Cakes and bakes
  • Certificate in continental  

The new alternative of online learning is more comfortable than traditional learning in the classrooms. Students can study with flexibility and learn at their own pace at home. Our online courses are available at theilearning with pocket-friendly price with adaptable learning modules for step-by-step detailed and thorough learning. Moreover, at the end of these online courses students receive a valid certificate after online exams that is nationally and internationally recognized.   


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