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Rohit Sharma

“People says a professional cooking but I call it a passionate cooking”

By Rohit Sharma (Alumni NFCI 2014-15 batch)
The passion for cooking brings Mr.Rohit Sharma to NFCI, the best Cooking and Hotel Management Institute in North India.Mr.Rohit had worked 18 years as Punjabi typist document writer in tehsil complex Jalandhar, but his interest for cooking was constantly fetching him to find the best cooking centre in Punjab, his search completed at NFCI when he came for the admission of his friend in a cooking diploma program and that was so awe-inspiring for him to join NFCI and he took admission in the Diploma in Culinary Skills DICS and Diploma in Food Production from NFCI in 2014-15. He was so passionate for cooking that he practices a lot on what he learned from the chefs and bring the complete ingredients of that particular dish to the practice even a stove also.
Rohit Sharma
Mr.Rohit got another big opportunity to join his son as guardian in his schooling visa for New Zealand and this was a big twist in his career, he moved to Aukland with his son in 2016 and as his passion of doing something prodigious in cooking start by utilizing his skills of making of delicious Indian food, he made Indian tadka in the cuisine and present it in his own way which made him so popular, gradually he started preparing Samosa’s and he made so many variations like lamb samosa, chicken samosa and veg noodle samosa and he prepares 500 samosa’s in 4 hrs. and occasional prepare 700-800 samosa ’s, currently he is working as a head chef in Hope an Indian take way after struggling for few months Mr.Rohit has got a big success.
Life is very hard but it depends upon an individual if we focus on what is within our power we can make it better.
Mr Rohit is proud of his decision and presented his gratitude to NFCI by sharing his journey of cooking career with the students of NFCI.
He shows his gratitude to all the chefs, faculty members and the management of NFCI, the best institute of hotel management and Cooking in Punjab, to prepare and support him in his journey.