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Hotel Management Career Courses after 10th and 12th

Hotel Management Career Courses After 10th or 12th

Have you just passed your Class 10th or 12th and planning a career in the hospitality sector? You would realize that the food and beverage industry has been witnessing phenomenal growth in recent times. It is because people are always on the lookout for the finest food. On the other hand, the hospitality sector has been growing steadily, which is why the need for well-trained staff. But just because the industry is prospective does not by default guarantee success. You need to acquire skills and plan your career as well and you must start early as well. Let see how to go about with the process:

How to build an Amazing Career in Hospitality?

✔ Plan before you act
✔ Seek Counselling from industry experts
✔ Have a full-proof Career Plan-Set up goals with dates
✔ Understand what you require-Career Skills & Qualifications
✔ Work the plan
✔ Monitor your progress and make deviations whenever necessary
✔ Make sure you get trained from the right training institute & undergo the right career training.

List of Hotel Management Courses After 10th or 12th for your Career 

When it comes to the Hospitality Industry, the National Finishing and Cookery Institute (NFCI) a leading renowned Hotel Management and Culinary Institute in India offers a wide range of hotel Management courses that would set you up for the most successful career in the field. Let us explore some of their top courses you could avail to boost your Hospitality career.

Food & Beverage Production Courses

When it comes to food and beverages, many cooking courses are offered. These include the Trainee Chef (NSDC), Catering Management (NIOS), Certificate in Food Production and Culinary Arts, Diploma in Cookery. All these courses are instrumental and enable the students to acquire all the necessary Cooking and Catering management skills that are always in high demand in the industry. The best part is that the eligibility of most of these courses is you have to be a class 10 pass. So, if you are genuinely passionate about pursuing a career in the food and beverage sector, you can get started early by undergoing these courses.
All of these courses are of short duration and practical. While undergoing training, you will gain practical experience that is indeed valuable for your career. Many of these courses ensure that the candidates have six months of industrial training, enabling them to acquire the most beneficial practical insights about the job at hand. Besides, they are all very affordable and available on very convenient payment terms. If you have just passed your 10th or 12th Examinations and planning for a career in the food and beverage sector, then these cooking courses offered by NFCI can be very beneficial for you indeed.

Front Office Related Courses

When it comes to the hospitality sector, you would be aware that the hospitality services offered at the hotel play a critical role in its success. Because of this, the industry is so particular about the hospitality service standards, and here too, there is always a significant requirement of the best-trained hospitality-related staff. Speaking of hospitality services, the front office or the reception is the critical area that needs to be taken the best care of here while checking in at the hotel and gets the first impression of the service standards. To meet this critical need, NFCI has designed and offers some of the best Front office courses, which are as follows:
The courses in this section include the Certificate in Meet and Greet Officer (NSDC) and the Diploma in Front Office Operations (NIOS). Though only for a short duration but once you undergo training in this section, you would be expert personnel as far as the critical front office operations are concerned.

Food & Beverages Services Courses

You would be aware that the food & beverage sector is a part of the service-oriented hospitality sector. The food & beverage services members have to perform a wide range of hospitality services like getting ready, introducing, serving food and drinks, setting up the table, and so on. To meet this particular division of services required, NFCI has some very useful courses, including the Diploma in F& B Services and the Food & Services Courses- Steward (NSDC). These services-related courses can enable you to avail of job opportunities at the leading hotels and thus have a lucrative career in the field. 

Courses in House Keeping

For a comfortable and memorable stay for the guests, the service standards of the housekeeping division are critical. These include a variety of services which include cleaning, maintaining the rooms, and so on. To ensure that these services are not compromised with all the top hotels employ a well-trained housekeeping staff. To meet this all-important need, NFCI once again provided career aspirants the best House Keeping Training courses. These include the Diploma in House Keeping and also the Certificate in House Keeping Supervisor (NSDC). Again, these are the courses you can consider after having cleared the class 10th and 12th Examination to enable you to have a successful career in the hospitality sector.

Explore Hotel Management Courses That you can Build For Your Aspired and Desired Career

What Will You Learn On The Successful Completion Of  Wide Range of Hotel Management Courses?

As already pointed out, NFCI is a leading Hotel Management and Culinary Institute in India, which offers a wide range of hotel management courses after 10th and 12th. Once you have passed out the class 10th and 12th examinations, if you want to get started away in the hospitality sector, then depending on your interest, you could enroll in these courses. On successful completion of them, you would find a wide range of employment opportunities in the hospitality sector, depending on the course you undergo. Here you would be taught by the industry experts, and you would have the finest learning experience. If you have always dreamt of opening your restaurant, you can get trained in these courses.