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Spa Cuisine – Art of staying healthy!!!

Spa Cuisine, Must be wondering….right?  What actually is this spa cuisine!!

Spa is an emphasis on wellness and the art of staying healthy naturally. Spa culture elaborates “stay healthy, stay natural” philosophy.

Spa cuisine is healthy choices that we select on the basis of food , their freshness, being natural, organically grown, and prepared with special care keeping the natural ingredients alive and with lots of love (an important ingredient 😉 Spa cuisine saw its inception in the early 1980s, and since then have been practiced in many countries.

At NFCI Ludhiana, we encourage our students to adapt to spa culture through our culinary classes designed in such a manner that students would learn the art of cooking keeping the natural nutrients alive in every recipe. Balancing vital elements in every meal, importance of food colors, combination of ingredients etc are an integral part of our curriculum. The food choices can have so much impact on the lifestyle we live today – consciously selecting to eat fresh and nutritious food in the guidance of nutritionists, dieticians and best of the chefs.

Special programs on spa cuisines can be organized to educate participants on the art of choosing the right ingredients for creating recipes and educating on how essential elements can be incorporated in the diet, like eating more protein rich food; food with more minerals, nutrition so on and so forth. All vital tips such as eating at regular intervals, eating in right proportions, mindful eating and balancing the colours, textures and taste in each meal are also an integral part of such programs.

Want to know more about spa cuisine – wait for the next addition of our Blog on “Traditional eating and modern living”