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Success Story: Mandeep Singh

Mandeep Singh joined NFCI in 2011 as a student of DICS (Diploma in Culinary Skills) belongs to Moga, Punjab. After completing his one year course he joined Hotel industry from Nagpal’s hotel in Ludhiana. After working for one year, he then worked with Apple Catering, Jagraon for another 6 months. To explore more he went to Goa, and understood the different ingredients and cooking methods. From there, Mandeep went to Malaysia and worked for one year in a Hyderabadi Restaurant as a tandoor chef.

Mandeep always wanted something big in life. Thus, he came back to Moga and with the help of his friend he started a restaurant named ‘Moga Punjabi Tadka’ on 6th July 2016.The restaurant is a prime location not only for family meals but also a convention centre for arranging meetings of Lawyer’s Association and Doctor’s Association. Hot selling dishes include Dal Makhani, Paneer Butter Masala and Paneer Taka Tak.

Since 2016, Mandeep and his team has served more than 4 lakh people which includes various celebrities as well. Mandeep always remembers his days at NFCI, where he learnt basic cooking methods, knowledge of kitchen management and team work. Mandeep is a hard working hotelier who has seen the industry from close and learnt that without struggle and hard work, one cannot achieve something big in hotel industry. Mandeep got the support from his family, especially from his father and his wife, Gursharan Kaur.