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What makes you a Culinary Artist!

Yes at NFCI we deliberately suffix Culinary with Artist, and here are the reasons why we do that:

Choice of Ingredients – what to cook is not that difficult task but food pairing is surely an important task. It not just requires knowledge about various ingredients but also whether a specific combination will work or not. Let Us explain this with an example: Caviar and white chocolates go together as they both contain trimethylamine.

Art of Cooking – Cooking is about creating extraordinary things from ordinary ingredients. For instance Oil in the pan can add to the spiciness of the ingredients, at NFCI we share such tips to create chefs and culinary artists who can do wonders when they go out in market getting placed at Hotels and Restaurants.

Finesse – While the definition in dictionary says tactful, diplomatic maneuvering, though in cookery finesse is all about what how you bring together ingredients and match them to create a great dish. A though process in creating a dish is what can be considered as finesse. The Art of creating recipes with various combinations giving “your” own touch making it a “Boutique dish”.

Presentation – Last but surely not the least is the how you present your creation. Use of sauces, leaves, beans or anything else for garnishing to make your dish look appealing to eyes is vital.

So if you chose a career in being the Best Culinary Artist join NFCI and learn from our team of specialists and experts how to bring the best in you for the world to see – A Culinary Artist.