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Top 10 Best Restaurants in India

Top 10 Best Restaurants in India – La Liste


Hi everyone, want to know about the Top 10 Best Restaurants in India in 2024, then you are at right place. Top 10 Best Restaurants in India 2024 report was published by La Liste.

What is La Liste? If you want to know best and top restaurants which are best and have excellence in services, then you must visit La Liste to know about best restaurants, dining, hotels, and many more things.

Till now La Liste published more then 1070 guides for customers by using data prepared from 200 countries in the world. La Liste’s ranking method is unique as it assigns scores rather than single positions to make best rankings.

La Liste made the Top 10 Best Restaurants in India for Indian Customers. So let’s start it.

Top 10 Best Restaurants in India, According to La Liste

Top 10 Best Restaurants in India – According To La Liste

1. “Indian Accent” in New Delhi (score: 95) offers a fusion of Indian and global flavours in its iconic Chef’s Tasting menu.

First Position in The Top 10 Best Restaurants in India taken by “Indian Accent”.

If you are in New Delhi, and searching for the Best and want to try some different Indian Cuisine, then try Indian Accent.

Indian Accent showcases itself as an Inventive Indian cuisine by complementing the flavours and traditions of India with global ingredients and techniques.

Indian Accent is a restaurant located at The Lodhi Hotel in New Delhi, India. It was established in 2009 by Rohit Khattar. It has also restaurants in New York City and London.

Indian Accent ran at The Manor Hotel for 8 years, before moving to The Lodhi.

Why does the Indian Accent show itself as Inventive Indian Cuisine? The restaurant is known for its Indian cuisine supervised by Pro Chef Manish Mehrotra, who also heads the restaurant’s kitchens.

They describe his style as “Inventive Indian cuisine. That’s why chefs are the backbone of Restaurants.

Indian Accent, New Delhi has won many awards and honours from food lovers and critics across the world. It was voted the No. 1 Restaurant in India by Conde Nast Traveller and also loved by foreigners visiting in India.

NFCI organizes a National Cooking Competition in India “The National Culinary Challenge” This article is best for students who want to make career in Hotel Management.

Top 10 Best Restaurants in India, According to La Liste

2. “Karavalli” in Bengaluru (score: 86) is known for its authentic coastal cuisine.

Second Position in The Top 10 Best Restaurants in India taken by “Karavalli”.

Want to taste some South Indian Cuisines in India and visit Silicon Valley India then must visit Karavalli.

Karavalli is one of the best and most iconic restaurants located in the Silicon Valley of India Vivanta Bengaluru Residency Road.

Since its start in 1990, Karavalli has grown to be a well-known restaurant when it comes to Southwest Coast flavors and south-flavoured food.

The restaurant structure is modelled on a traditional Mangalorean bungalow, and surrounded by lush tamarind trees, the restaurant is inspired by the architecture of coastal South India.

The continuous growth of Karavalli in India and Cuisine make it one of the most loved and visited restaurants in Bengaluru.

In the Cuisine of this awesome restaurant, you can find ingredients from the coast, such as cloves, cinnamon, pepper, and homegrown chilies, and only the freshest vegetables and finest meats make it to the menu.

The pro chef team of Karavalli restaurant has carefully preserved India’s most refined culinary traditions from Karavalli’s rich heritage by restoring age-old recipes, decades of research meeting with locals, and recreating forgotten

3. “Adaa” at Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad (score: 84) provides a regal dining experience.

Third Position in The Top 10 Best Restaurants in India taken by “Adaa”.

Adaa – Taj Falaknuma Palace is a luxurious dining outlet located in Hyderabad. It offers a unique dining experience with its elegant interiors and royal feel.

The menu features a variety of Indian and international cuisines, prepared with fresh ingredients. The restaurant also offers a pub with a selection of wines and spirits to supplement the meal.

Adaa also provides entertainment to guests. Customers can enjoy a range of live music performances and cultural shows while dining. Adaa – Taj Falaknuma Palace is the perfect place to celebrate special occasions with family and friends, events, and celebrations and it feels like some royal.

4. “Yauatcha” in Mumbai (score: 84) is famous for its contemporary Chinese cuisine and dim sum.

Fourth Position in The Top 10 Best Restaurants in India taken by “Yauatcha”.

Top 10 Best Restaurants in India, According to La Liste

Yauatcha is a Chinese restaurant in Broadwick Street and has multiple business outlets across countries like Soho, London, and England, specializing in dim sum.

The restaurant was started in 2004 by Alan Yau. Alan Yau is a person who previously created the Japanese Wagamama which is an International Chain serving East Asian Food and the Thai Busaba Eathai restaurant chain a modern Thai restaurant in Central London as well as the more expensive Hakkasan restaurant, also in London.

In January 2008, Founder Yau sold a majority interest in Yauatcha and Hakkasan to Tasameem, part of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

Yauatcha opened a branch in Mumbai, India in December 2011, and 2nd branch was opened in Bangalore, India in September 2013, and many other outlets were opened in Delhi in November 2013, and Kolkata in September 2014.

5. “Dum Pukht” in New Delhi (score: 84) specializes in slow-cooked Awadhi cuisine.

Fifth Position in The Top 10 Best Restaurants in India taken by “Dum Pukht”.

Dum pukht larhmeen, that have unique slow oven cooking, and that cooking technique associated with the Mughal Empire in which meat and vegetables are cooked over a low flame, generally in dough-sealed containers with few spices.

This cooking technique originated in pre-partition India during the reign between 1748 and 1797 under the Mughal Empire. The technique is now commonly used in many more Mughlai cuisines, and you can mostly see this technique in some Asian parts such as South Asia, Central Asia, and West Asia.

Dum means ‘to keep food on slow fire’ and pukht means ‘process of cooking’, thus meaning ‘cooking on slow fire’. The method often requires cooking times up to 24 hours which is the most time it takes cooking.

6. “Jamavar” at Leela Palace in Bengaluru (score: 83) offers a delightful culinary journey.

Sixth Position in The Top 10 Best Restaurants in India taken by “Jamavar”.

Top 10 Best Restaurants in India, According to La Liste

Jamavar is the signature fine dining restaurant of The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts in India.

Taking its name from the complex 16th century Jamavar shawls of Kashmir, semblances of the intrinsic ‘paisley’ pattern of the shawl can be found at each Jamavar restaurant at The Leela.

The cuisine and incredible décor ensure a rich, royal, and majestic experience.

Delight the diverse flavours of the royal kitchens, followed by an exclusive wine selection of international labels.

You can pick multiple non-veg dishes like Murgh ki Chaap or Tandoori Murgh and savour the tender-cooked meat packed with loads of flavours. You can also taste the most famed dessert on Jamavar’s menu—Jamavar’s homemade Kesar and Pista Kulfi.

Signature dishes that Jamavar chefs recommend to its customers are Dhaniya Murgh, or boneless drums of chicken cooked with pounded coriander, and Gosht ki Nihari, an Awadhi lamb delicacy lightly flavoured with special ingredients like saffron, Daal Jamavar, Bharwan Tandoori Broccoli and Heeng Moong Tikki.

To add to the royal touch, Jamavar offers a Maharaja Table that throws a grand treat for your family and friends at the plush.

7. “Le Cirque Signature” at The Leela Palace in Bengaluru (score: 82.5) is known for its elegant dining and European cuisine.

Seventh Position in The Top 10 Best Restaurants in India taken by “Le Cirque Signature”.

Le Cirque Signature is the best culinary restaurant masterpiece that surpasses boundaries. This restaurant is a sanctuary of luxury and epicurean delight, offering an elegant dining experience that marries the timeless appeal of French-Italian cuisine with the prosperity of our setting for its customers.

With a menu compiled to perfection and a setting that flows sophistication. Le Cirque Signature promises the magnificence of Bengaluru’s luxury hospitality. Here’s a songlike description of the menu in Sestina style.

Dining at Le Cirque Signature is about colours and textures of the freshest ingredients, prepared carefully by our master chef complemented by friendly service which you can expect from the moment you step into the restaurant.

Apart from private dining, the restaurant also has an Alfresco option looking out into our well- well-groomed flora and offering a glimpse of the architectural magnificence of the palace. Either way, Le Cirque Signature assures you a unique culinary experience.

8. “Megu” at Leela Palace in New Delhi (score: 82) serves exquisite Japanese cuisine.

Eighth Position in The Top 10 Best Restaurants in India taken by “Megu”.

Top 10 Best Restaurants in India, According to La Liste

Want to visit and eat some Japanese food then one of the best Japanese restaurants in New Delhi, India is Megu. Megu offers authentic Japanese treats to its guests.

Choose a private dining room or choose to dine at the Sushi Bar, you will likely be fascinated by the food, the ambiance, and the service at this specialty restaurant.

Enjoy rarity in addition to true Japanese flavours. Megu brings you dishes prepared using real Japanese ingredients, which are served in Japanese style.

You can find your own space, in the comforts of multiple dining rooms including the spectacular Buddha Hall.

Signature dishes that Megu chefs recommend to its customers include yellowtail carpaccio, Salmon Tartare, and MEGU original crispy asparagus.

9. “Bukhara” at ITC Maurya in New Delhi (score: 79) is renowned for its North Indian cuisine, especially its succulent kebabs.

Ninth Position in The Top 10 Best Restaurants in India taken by “Bukhara”.

Bukhara is an Indian restaurant in New Delhi, India. It was established in 1977 and is one of the most popular restaurants in New Delhi now.

The restaurant serves cuisine in a clay ‘tandoor’ oven with a special priority on kebabs, which are served without cutlery.

Bukhara Chef’s Signature dishes include the Sikandari Raan (Marinated Whole Leg of Spring Lamb), the Murgh Malai Kebab (Creamy Chicken Kebab), and the Dal Bukhara (the Restaurant’s version of Dal Makhani; creamy black lentils with Butter) to its customers.

J.P. Singh is the Executive Chef at the restaurant, which has maintained its menu for the last 30 years.

10. “Ziya” in Mumbai (score: 78.5) offers contemporary Indian flavors with a modern twist.

Tenth Position in The Top 10 Best Restaurants in India taken by “Ziya”.

Top 10 Best Restaurants in India, According to La Liste

Vineet Bhatia the founder of Ziya started its business in 2010 and it is still one of the most thrilling spots in Mumbai. Classic Indian dishes, deconstructed and reinvented by Michelin-starred Celebrity Chef Vineet Bhatia.

Ziya Restaurant has grown fastest in ten years and is still going strong. Ziya has open doors for many restaurants, not just in South Mumbai, but also across India.

Ziya is one of the best restaurants that encourages others also and gives them the confidence to look at food in a very different way.

Ziya found Bhatia always focused on innovation and modern techniques that make the restaurant ideal for customers to visit and enjoy the meal.


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