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7 Secret Benefits of Earthen Pots - (Back to Basics)

7 Wonderful Benefits of Earthen Pots Water (Mitti Ke Bartan) – Back to Basics

Earthen Pots used in the old times, to slow-cook food. But now we just microwave it instead of cooking it, which diminishes its nutritional health benefits. Nowadays, everybody is turning back to the roots. Like so many people have started cooking in clay crockery or cookware as well as drinking water from Mitti ka Matka because of its health awareness.

Let’s understand, through this blog, the benefits of drinking and cooking with earthen pots.

The fancy colours and designs might enhance the look of your dinner table but fail to provide health values. Besides this, it is bringing back the cultural trends in households and have an abundance of minerals and nutritious properties that are a simple and authentic taste of food.

Here are the following 7 Benefits of Cooking and Drinking Water from Earthen Pots. (Back to Basics)

Minerals Benefits of Earthen Pots Water 

Earthen pots are made from kaolin that neutralizes the PH balance of food which helps to retain nutrients and moisture, making the food more succulent and flavourful. The food cooked in earthen pots is rich in calcium, phosphorous, sulfur, and magnesium, which are essential for the body.

Not only eating in clay crockery but also drinking water of earthen pots have the healing properties of minerals and electromagnetic energy of the earth, which heal our body and mind.


Cooking in Earthen Pot Reduces Oil Consumption

As slow cooking is heat resistant and the food retains all its oils and moisture therefore, no additional oil is required for cooking food. The amount of heat conducts the right pressure for food without overheating or overcooking. Earthenware is a porous material that has non-stick properties and makes your meal fat-free.

The Benefits of in earthen pots allows steam to circulate through the food, thus providing plenty of moisture and allowing food to cook with less oil or fat.

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Benefits of Cooking in earthen pots

Drinking Earthen Pots Water Improves Metabolism Energy 

When metabolism works appropriately that will allow your normal functioning. Basically, metabolism refers to all the physical and chemical processes in the covert or use of energy, such as Breathing, circulating blood, or controlling body temperature.

Keeping water in clay bottles or pots (matka) will help with digestion issues and acidity or poor metabolism. The benefits of drinking from Mitti ka Matka , however, include weight loss.

Store Water in Earthen Pots 

Keep water in clay bottles that will naturally cool it and help water to filter and infuse energy from heat to form gas and evaporate, instead of using plastic bottles because, over time, the chemicals in plastic bottles leach into the water, so drinking water from disposable plastic bottles may be passing hundreds of thousands of potentially harmful tiny plastic particles into our bodies.

Drink Earthen Pots Water Balance Alkaline

Alkaline water has a higher pH value than regular water, which helps neutralize the acid in your bloodstream. The benefits of drinking earthen pots, alkaline water increases your hydrogen level more than normal water, especially after a workout.

Clay pots have their own self alkaline water system that helps to prevent gastric or acid problems. It will reduce digestive problems and keep you more hydrated and fresh.

Alkaline Balance in Earthen Pots

Drinking Earthen Pots Water relieve your throat 

Earthen pots not only cool down the water but also provide the healing elements of the earth. That’s a reason why our mother insisted we drink water from the matka rather than the fridge.

When we store water in an earthen pot, it’s gentler on the throat. It is believed to be ideal for people who are suffering from cough or cold. The most important thing is to clean these pots every three days and change the water regularly.

Earthen Pots are Eco-Friendly & Cost-effective

Earthen Pots are sustainable as they easily decompose back to nature without polluting the environment. It does not release volatile or organic compounds (VOCs) or toxic gases into the atmosphere. It is one of the most hygienic, odourless, and easily cleaned products.

The benefits of earthen pots as building materials are evident, especially when considering their cost-effectiveness in contrast to the volatility of manufacturing costs associated with cement. Clay cookware is affordable and readily available in the market, making it a popular choice in India.

Benefits in earthen pots

In conclusion, earthenware is a traditional thing that offers an abundance of benefits. It is a good health-friendly choice. The demand for clay pots is increasing, and people are opting due to the benefits of drinking water from earthen pots in households. They are energy-efficient and as well as a piece of artwork. There are a few things to ensure before drinking or cooking with the earthenware; it is essential to buy from a reputable brand to make sure that it is free from impurities. It is fragile, so handle it carefully. Wash it in three days; use 1-2 tablespoons of baking spoons, 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar, and some water in the pot.

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