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The Role of Housekeeping technology in Hotels. Read all the details on technological innovations that are improving housekeeping services in a hotels.

The Role of Housekeeping technology in Hotels

Whether anyone is traveling or visiting a place, they expect to stay in a clean and comfortable place to spend a good night and rest. Regardless of the scale, location, and facilities of a hotel, a basic service is that it provides housekeeping service. This makes the guest relax and sleep peacefully without any disturbances. Sleep is an important aspect for hotels to provide a positive experience to the customers and it makes housekeeping more important.  Housekeeping professionals are qualified in specialized courses, that makes them experts in the work.

Providing effective housekeeping services can be challenging for a housekeeping department. They don’t get much time and access to every hotel room when the guests stay. However, various emerging technological advancements keep a housekeeping service of a hotel efficient. All these technological innovations are a part of courses for Housekeeping professionals.

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The Top 5 technological innovations that are improving housekeeping services in a hotel are:- 

(1). Create a smart process of Management with Mobility– It’s important to make maximum use of the available time for ensuring housekeeping efficiency.  A good technique for it can be mobility technology.  Smart mobility can let the housekeeping department know about the check-in and check-out of guests. It will help them get sufficient time and manage housekeeping services timely. Also, a digital ‘do not disturb’ sign will keep housekeepers updated about the rooms to avoid. Overall, a smart process of Management with Mobility will ensure efficient housekeeping service by hotels. 

(2). Smart robotic housekeeping partners- After streamlining the deployment of the housekeeping department, it is vital to provide them with technological support for fast-paced and accurate work. A robotic partner for completing several kinds of tasks can be beneficial for a housekeeping department. An example can be a robotic vacuum cleaner. It is popular in the consumer market and its use has been increasing in hospitality settings. Moreover, it can change in the future years when more advanced machines are designed particularly to adapt to the hotel environment. It provides multiple services beyond simple carpet cleaning and it also collects data on the property. This data can help make plans to ensure a positive customer experience.  Housekeeping robots can also scan the inefficiencies in a hotel like if the hotel wifi is not working. 

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(3). Artificial intelligence– AI is used more in front desk activities and like digital check-in and chatbots. But, there are several ways to use AI in housekeeping services. It can be difficult to knock rooms or check registers to know about the check-in and check-out of a guest. Here, an AI-backed-up with the Internet of things (IoT) will be beneficial. The use of smart sensors in hotels gives an update about the check-in and check-out of the guests. This will reduce the efforts and costs spent on Management and mobility for updating staff. Also, it can inform the housekeeping department about rooms to avoid, rooms to clean, and maintenance issues in the rooms. 

(4). Keep a connection with guests through apps and voice control– The emergence of technological innovations is not just to give it in the hands of housekeeping services. But, it is important to put technology in the hands of the guests. It is vital for the hoteliers because a good digital experience for the guests can add to their positive stay experience. There are technological facilities by hotels like apps to check-in, check out, and accessible rooms with smartphones. It is beneficial to keep a simple interaction with connected objects near the room like closed curtains or switch off lights. It will also connect the hotel staff and guests with tap or voice commands. 

(5). Make laundry efficient- Laundry can be an important addition to the list of technological needs. Every guest expects clean bedding, towels, and much more that will be expensive for hotel authorities to provide. So, it’s important to look for a cost-effective alternative for hotel authorities. The use of modern washing machines and ironing methods can be suitable for the bulk work of a hotel. In comparison,  to hand washing and conventional ironing methods, it reduces the costs and efforts. Also, it decreases the use of detergents and chemicals, saving these resources.  

All these technological innovations make housekeeping work more simple, precise and enhanced. Also, the guest can make a request easily and hotel management can reply easily. It increases the convenience, comfort, and connection with the guests for delivering a better guest experience.  Technology is the future for providing high housekeeping standards. 

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