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Hospitality Courses Placement

Placement After Hospitality Courses

Apart from being one of the largest businesses on the planet, hospitality is also one of the highly active, fascinating, and rapidly expanding sectors. With each advancement in technology or improvement in the visitor experience, new and more diversified and specialized career possibilities become available. A bright, colorful, and constantly intriguing environment characterizes the field of hospitality. If you are contemplating on the fact that yes, this sector is so fascinating but will it help you live a lavish life? Will you get a magnificent job in this hospitality sector?

Are you among those who are pursuing a hospitality course? Do you often think about the placement scope after completing the best hospitality course. Then this blog is just for you. Whether you are pursuing a hospitality course or aiming to register for one, here you will get full fledged information about the placement scope after completing the hospitality course. Let's plunge into some of the essentials that you should know about the placements in the hospitality sector.

Career opportunities in hospitality sector

For anyone pursuing a career in hospitality, one of the most pressing questions is which positions pay the most importance. While wages are important, they aren't the sole motivating factor. Many of the options provide the possibility to travel to new areas and meet new people. High-paying roles in this field are plentiful. Fast-paced expansion in the hotel sector is evident. As long as people need to eat and sleep, this business will continue to exist. Managers and supervisors who control workers at numerous locations get the highest salaries. So, there is no doubt in stating that the entire hospitality sector usually offers a wide range of career opportunities. Below mentioned are some of the most highest paying jobs profile present in the hospitality sector:

Regional Chef
Event Coordinator
Hotel Manager
Casino Property General Manager
Head of Housekeeping
Restaurant Manager
Food and Beverage Director
Chief Sommelier

If you also have the dreams to live a luxurious lifestyle and you possess a great passion for cooking? Then you can easily balance the both by attaining a great placement in the hospitality sector. Consider enrolling in a best hospitality courses in the National Finishing and Cookery Institute (NFCI) well known Hotel Management Institute in India. Now you must be thinking why you should go for NFCI. Then the answer is simple! Their placement record will never disappoint you. They have placed students in a wide range of quick service restaurants such as KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut and more. They have a remarkable history in placing students in paramount hotels such as Taj, Radisson, Oberoi, Sarovar etc.

Apart from this, NFCI also helps students enter in the field of entrepreneurship. You can easily get placed into the best restaurant and hotel after completing one year or short term course from NFCI. They have courses such as trainee chef, meet and greet officer, housekeeping and F & B service. Students enrolled in these courses will surely go for a wide range of internship opportunities provided by NFCI. In the initial phase the stipend will be average. However, in some prominent hotels the stipend will be appreciable. So this one stop platform will surely help you work wonders for your case. If you really want to get the full fledged information about the placement cell of the National Finishing and Cookery Institute (NFCI). Then consider reading further.

All about NFCI Placements

Our goal at National Finishing and Cookery Institute (NFCI) Group of Educations is to provide a huge spectrum of placement assistance to students in India as well as abroad, thereby acting as an important support system for students in developing their corporate competency and preparing them to succeed in the real world of business and hotel management. This dedication to uncovering new possibilities and chances is reflected in the efforts of the placement cell, which seeks to identify a diverse variety of job alternatives for students in the country's biggest brand hotels.

NFCI can help you create your vision for the future

As a result of this ongoing practice, the NFCI Placement Cell works in various segments to provide students with gradual career assistance. This includes both in-house career assistance while enrolled in a course and after graduation. The NFCI holds the hand of their students at each and every step in their career. Students can participate in a variety of activities during their time at NFCI, including Personality Development and Life Skills Trainings, which help them to improve their personality-related traits, such as good communication, grooming guidelines, interview-related skill sets, body-language, hotel management industry-related guidance, digital literacy, and others, ODC (Out-Door Catering). That allows them to work in the actual atmosphere of the hotels, Part-Time Jobs that are available at NFCI.

The Placement Cell of NFCI also organizes Industrial Visits for students from all of their campuses in various hotels throughout their course duration, to familiarize them with the various departments of the hotels and to give them first-hand expertise in the field of the actual hotel atmosphere. Guest Lectures by Hospitality Industry experts will also be organized by the Cell for the students to provide them with up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends in the Hotel Industry on a regular basis.

For our students, we provide the best of the best

Placement Coordinator appointments are scheduled in all campuses to ensure that students receive appropriate guidance regarding their placement options. Following the completion of the course, students will be provided with industry exposure through NFCI in top-branded group hotels such as Hyatt Hotels, Jaypee Hotel Groups, Wyndham Groups, Marriott Hotel groups, IHG, Carlson Hotel Groups, Holiday-Inn, Club, Lemon Tree Hotels, Little Earth Group of Resorts, Mahindra hotels and others by making use of their placement coordinator appointments.

Wrapping up

There are splendid career opportunities in the hospitality sector. You just have to follow the path of mindfulness and find out the best profession in the hospitality sector with which you can easily live a lavish life in the coming future. We truly hope that this blog has provided you with true guidance about the placement scope in the hospitality industry.