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professional culinary programs in india

Professional Culinary Programs In India

Do you have a passion for cooking and want to make a professional career in it? The hotel management industry is one of the fastest developing industries in India. It offers a wide range of career options and prospects. A major component in the hotel management Industry is 'Hotel' which houses a variety of services under one single roof. The world of hospitality focuses on 'culinary arts' that gives a wide scope to aspiring candidates. The increasing international hotel chains require a supply of skilled professional manpower.

There has been a shortage of chefs for a long time with the popularisation of international/traditional cuisine, entry of global food chains, specialized restaurants, with ever-increasing opportunities in food-related industries. The profession of hotel management and culinary is quite glamorous. But, at the same time, it is in the hunt for skilled and qualified professionals. The best way to sharpen your skills and professionalism is completing one of the professional Culinary courses. You can do this by joining a Culinary Institute in India. There are basic graduation courses in hotel management but to learn advanced and specialized skills you can pursue carefully designed Diploma and Certificate courses.

We have prepared a list of the best culinary courses in India that will be your first step in the Hotel Management Industry:-

1. Diploma in Food production- The Diploma in Food production is a 12 monthly Diploma course with Industrial Training. Among other culinary courses, this Diploma is specifically designed to develop professional Culinary skills in candidates. It includes subjects like cookery, hygiene, and nutrition, commodities, costing, and Basics of computers. A diploma in Food production also helps to learn the standard operations for food production relating to various cuisines. You will become eligible to work at Cruise lines, hotels, restaurants, airlines, catering establishments, etc.

2. Diploma in Cookery - A diploma in Cookery helps to sharpen the professional gourmet cooking skills in aspirants. Unlike other cooking courses, it is focused on imparting various technical culinary skills to students. You can learn about kitchen planning, hotel training, cuisine experimentation,  table layout skills, food preservation,  nutrition, costing, and much more.

3. Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery- Diploma in bakery and confectionery includes Baking food items and confectionery involves making cakes, muffins, ice creams, tarts, etc. It includes a blend of theoretical learning, practical sessions, and Industrial training. It differs from other culinary courses by providing specialization in making sugar and carbohydrates rich food.

4. Diploma in catering Management- Catering is a specialized work that involves preparing food in bulk for parties or other events. The Diploma in catering Management imparts the professional skills to manage this commercial work and prepare commercial quantities of good food. You will learn about making a variety of cuisines, meeting customer expectations, upkeep food quality, and safety standards, budget management, etc. Just a few culinary institutes in India provide a Diploma in catering Management.

5. Certificate in Food Production- A Certificate in Food Production is a short-term undergraduate learning module. You will get to learn subjects like front office management, Hotel Engineering, Nutrition, and dietary supplements, kitchen organization and layout, Culinary history, etc. It is among the best culinary courses that will make you eligible for 5-star properties at national and global levels.

6. Certificate in Chinese and Continental- A Certificate course in Chinese and Continental provides training in classical continental cuisine. Unlike other cooking courses, this course provides expertise in a particular cuisine.  Chinese is one of the oldest cuisines in the world with a complex and Intricate style of cooking. You will get to learn the preparation of sauces, use of Oriental vegetables, preparation of soups, continental cooking skills, and much more.

7. Certificate in Indian and Tandoori- A Certificate course in Indian and Tandoori is a 3 monthly Certificate course that specialises in Indian cooking techniques and preparation of authentic Tandoori cooking. You will also get to learn a variety of Indian curries. Unlike other cooking courses, it focuses on the Indian and Tandoori styles of marinating and preparation.

8. Certificate in Bakery- The certificate courses in Bakery equips students with expert bakery preparation skills. You shall be imparted with detailed skills to become a professional baker or dessert chef. You will learn baking skills, organizational skills, frosting, and icing skills, freezing and melting skills, and knowledge of ingredients.  A reputed culinary institute will provide both practical sessions and theoretical knowledge on the subject.

9. Diploma in Front office services- Diploma in Front Office services is a full-time diploma course in Front office operation and Front office management.  It is a job-oriented course and you will be eligible to work at employment areas like hotels, resorts, tour agencies, travel agencies, and restaurants, etc.

If you are looking to pursue any of the above culinary courses, then you can choose NFCI. All of these courses are available in the NFCI Institute.

Why choose NFCI for pursuing Hotel Management courses in India?

NFCI (National Finishing and Cookery Institute) is one of the best hotel management Institutes in India. It has more than 16 branches in the prominent cities of India with more than 30 years of experience in the Industry. NFCI offers all of the above-mentioned cooking courses with an affordable fee structure in comparison to other culinary institutes in India. NFCI has fully-equipped modern labs with Industry expert educators that will help you learn and sharpen your culinary courses. 

NFCI lends internship opportunities in 5-star properties with 100% placement assistance. It offers more courses with specialization courses and internationally recognized professional qualifications.  You can avail all of the certificate courses at the comfort of your home with flexible timings through 'theilearning', an online learning platform.

Get on to the flight of your dreams in the culinary world with a wide range of professional Culinary Programs by NFCI.