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NFCI – Redefining Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Industry is one of the most vital industries in a thriving economy, and undoubtedly, is one the vastest too, encompassing almost all other industries directly or indirectly. The boundaries of this industry are limitless; in fact they are growing at a rapid pace with each passing day. The demands and definitions of all the aspects of this industry are changing, but the goal remains the same – Customer Satisfaction. The sheer nature of this exceptionally competitive industry has attracted multifarious other commercial businesses within its dimensions.

Understanding the needs of the diverse nature of this industry and an ever-growing demand for the skilled individuals, the NFCI group entered into the educational realm. The objective was to groom and train the aspiring individuals who looked for a career in the hospitality world. It was evident that hospitality industry was not restricted to food and cooking, but was, and has been much more. NFCI, with its dynamic curriculum, a highly motivated, professional faculty, propelled by a vibrant management, made an exclusive niche for itself in the field of skill education. Over the years, since early 1990s, the NFCI group has garnered not only recognition, but also has become synonymous with excellence as far as contributing trained entrepreneurs and professionals to the hospitality world.

GlimpseWith the changing needs and, of course shifting hospitality trends – all centering around comfort needs, the industry has seen a substantial shift for the better.  All the components of the industry have been progressive in their growth and have contributed towards the enhancement of the industrial standards as a whole. Most important trend that all the past years have seen is the notion of personalization, wherein each individual is given an exclusive hospitality; the cyber world with its incalculable amenities open all the access routes, tapping the best of the hospitality options offered. The awareness and serious orientation towards self-care, hygiene and health has seen an immense rise for the past few years with never-seen-before seriousness. This has set a similar trend in the hospitality services as well. People clear about what they need and how they need. Need for healthy and organic products has seen a steep hike as well.

NFCI group, with its futuristic approach, has evolved with the changing trends and sensed the pulse of the diverse hospitality world. All the courses, both short and long term, are targeted towards churning the best of the professionals catering to all the major facets of hospitality industry. With the state-of-the-art infrastructure backed with latest amenities and industrial expertise as faculty across all the centres, NFCI is contributing qualitative inputs to the hospitality world.

NFCI strides ahead with each passing day, with the vision to be the leading provider of the well-trained and well-groomed individuals. There is no dearth of recognition in where the education and hospitality business collaborate.