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National Culinary Challenge (NCC-2024)

NCC-2024 : An Unforgettable Event of NFCI

Cooking has always been a natural attraction, starting from making mud cakes and serving tea at a young age to preparing meals as an adult in the kitchen. The home kitchen serves as the first school for learning the basics of cooking. Being invited into the kitchen by our mothers helped us develop culinary skills, which are just as important as any other life skills. In the present day, the culinary industry is experiencing significant growth, with new restaurants, cafes, and food businesses opening to cater to the changing demands of consumers.

While there are many institutes that offer culinary courses, NFCI stands out as the first choice for students seeking to excel in the culinary world. NFCI empowers students with the right knowledge and a timely curriculum to showcase their skills, learn, and earn substantial rewards. One of the recent events was The National Culinary Challenge-2024 (NCC-2024), held in three rounds based on Indian heritage and diverse cuisines from regions across India.


It was a culinary spectacle where 15 NFCI campuses showcased their exceptional talent. In this intense competition, three campuses emerged victorious in the final round. NFCI Chandigarh secured the first position, NFCI Jalandhar took the second spot, and NFCI Karnal claimed the third position. On the other hand, consolation prizes of Rs.11, 000 each were awarded to NFCI Patiala and NFCI Varanasi. In addition to individual recipes, NFCI Barsar received the award for the Best Starter, NFCI Belgaum for the Best Main Course, and NFCI Ludhiana for the Best Dessert.

All the judgments and prizes were bestowed by renowned personalities in the culinary world. This blog offers a sneak peek into the flavourful journey of NCC-2024. This event is open to all campuses of NFCI including alumni, providing a great opportunity for aspiring chefs to gain recognition and appreciation from renowned personalities in the food industry.

The Culinary Arena:

The grand finale took place at Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala. It was a bustling event filled with the irresistible aroma of perfectly cooked food, the sound of pans sizzling, and chefs hustling around with intense focus – that was the vibe of NCC-2024. 800 Students participated from 15 campuses participated in this event, with 200 students selected for the second round and 45 students advancing to the final round. It was a gathering of culinary talents from across campuses, showcasing their skills and competing for the top spot. From fresh-faced rookies to seasoned pros, everyone was there to prove their mettle and whip up some delicious dishes.

Student’s Spirit Sets NCC-2024 Apart:

NCC-2024 is more than just a cooking contest; it is a celebration of creativity, innovation, and stewarding the kitchen. It provided a chance for participants to work as Commis and handle a full recipe menu from starters to dessert on their own. Budding chefs put their skills to the test, striving to create masterpieces that not only tasted amazing but also looked appetizing. The pressure was on, but so was the excitement. Every chop, seasoning, and presentation detail had to be executed carefully. Students showcased the diversity of Indian cuisine, recognizing that food changes every 20 km in India. This added a significant challenge for students to create a masterpiece.

More than Just Cooking:

The energy at NCC-2024 was magical. It wasn’t just about what happened in the kitchen; it also served as a hub for learning, networking, and exploration with industry experts. Participants picked up new techniques and connected with fellow food lovers. Judges not only evaluated the dishes but also took note of hygiene and presentation. Students eagerly accepted feedback and learned from judges. This culinary journey was not just a competition but a voyage of self-discovery, learning, and innovation.

NCC-2024 – Sponsored Gift Hampers & Rewards Worthy of Excellence:

As the competition intensified, the stakes soared, with enticing rewards awaiting the winners. The first, second, and third prize winners claimed Rs. 51,000, Rs. 31,000, and Rs. 21,000, respectively. Even participants securing the fourth and fifth positions were acknowledged with consolation prizes of Rs. 11,000.

                                                                             NFCI Chandigarh (Winner of NCC-2024)
                                                                                NFCI Jalandhar (1st runner-up of NCC-2024)
                                                                                 NFCI Karnal (2nd Runner-up of NCC-2024)

Moreover, all participants received sponsored gift hampers from generous contributors, including Mr. Truk, Cremica, and Jain Bhai. Special recognition is due to the sponsors and media partners whose support ensured the success of NFCI’s national competition. These esteemed partners include Professional Hotelwares, Havells, Cremica, Mr. Truk, ARC, JK Furniture, Jain Bhai, Arnav Enterprise, Inaayat, FM Radio City 91.9, World Hospitality, and Hammer Hotels & Institutions. In addition, Dikshant and Manik, esteemed food bloggers, graced the grand finale with their presence.

Every participant, a culinary artist in their own right, was adorned with an apron—a symbol of appreciation for their significant contribution to the culinary landscape.

Winners Wow Dishes that Impressed Judges at NCC-2024:

Chandigarh’s winning menu was a delightful blend of flavours from Kashmir, Rajasthan, Mizoram, and Kerala. The starter featured Nadruke kebab, followed by a Rajasthani thali as the main course, and Anaar zawlaidi served as the exquisite dessert drink.

Jalandhar’s culinary prowess shone through the Bengali theme with their creation of Bengali Singara with angoor ki chutney, along with Nariyiyal Pey (Drink), followed by Dhkar Dalna, cashew rice, Dal Bhorta, jhuri aloo bhaja, and Bengali salad as the main course, and Patishapta Pitha as the dessert drink.

While Karnal campus impressed the judges with their innovative West Indian dishes from Maharashtra and Gujarat, such as Ragi papad chat as a starter, Paneer Kohlapuri, Navratan Pulao, and Amla Raita as a main course, concluding with Grapes Shrikanad as a Dessert.

Maestros of the Cooking World:

The inaugural round dazzled with culinary virtuosity, featuring enthusiasts from diverse NFCI Campuses. Our esteemed judging panel, consisting of industry icons such as Chef Vikas Chawla, Chef Mr. Izzat Hussain, Chef Parminder Singh Bali, Chef Rohit Gujral, esteemed Deputy Registrar of PTU Rajnish Sharma & Seema Soni, injected prestige into the event, offering valuable insights and critiques. Their speeches encouraged the students and enlightened the audience as they shared their real experiences from the beginning of their culinary journeys.

NFCI esteemed Managing Director Mrs. Brijinder Kaur Nagpal, Director Mr. Pemninder Singh Nagpal, Dr. Anjna Joshi and Mr. Sanjeev Kashyap, along with Mr Naveen Dua, expressed appreciation and gratitude to all the students, judges, sponsors, and NFCI group team members for their cooperation and efforts, which contributed to the success of the event.

In Conclusion, whether you’re a seasoned chef, an aspiring cook, or just someone who loves to cook, this event was an unforgettable experience. If you wish to start a career in the food industry, connect with the NFCI team and get a free consultation on call. NFCI nurtures students’ bona fide passion for food and cooking, seamlessly guiding them towards a vibrant career in the respective culinary field. Our courses prepare you to start your business, even from home, like Cloud Kitchen or virtual restaurants.

Lead your culinary career with NFCI, the best institute in India.