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jalebi health benefits

Jalebi – Its Significance, Health Benefits, Recipe and Reasons of Uniqueness

Overview on Jalebi, health benefits and recipe

 The spiral-shaped crispy and golden Indian sweet of jalebi is a popular dessert in India. It has been an important part of traditional festivals and Celebrations in India and around the globe.

Do you know about the other names of jalebi? Jalebi is also known as Zalabia, Jerry, mushabak, and jilapi, this sweet Indian snack is made from maida flour. A batter of plain flour is prepared and deep-fried in desi ghee/oil until it turns golden. Then it's dipped in thick sugar syrup and served hot and sometimes even cold.

Do you know how jalebi came to India? Well, jalebi was introduced in India by the Turkish dynasty who used to make offerings of this sweet to the poor in Ramzan. Jalebi has a unique chewy texture and crystallized sugar coating like no other dessert. Do you know a jalebi shop near your house? In India, you will find a Jalebi shop in every alternate street. As a result, there are several distinct flavors added to jalebis like Rosewater, lime juice, saffron, and elaichi. In North India, jalebi is paired with rabri, which is a thick milk sweet especially served at weddings. If you have ever seen then Jalebi is very similar to other Indian sweet variants like Imarti and Chenna Jalebi. Jalebi is also widely well-known and preferred in neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and the Maldives.

Well, we at NFCI (National Finishing and cookery Institute) - Culinary Institute in India provide research-intensive and learner-centered teaching about culinary. We do not just believe in teaching about plain cooking methods and techniques. NFCI goes more in-depth and covers all the aspects of food because food and desserts play an important role in our culture and they have religious significance. The modern world is also concerned about the health benefits or Drawbacks of food and NFCI makes sure to make students completely equipped in the field. Let us tell you more about Jalebi. 

Do you know that Jalebi has a special connection with the Indian Festival of Dussehra? Dussehra is an Indian festival that marks the day when Lord Ram killed Ravana King Lanka and brought back Mata Sita. People often burn a statue of Ravana and serve special snacks to friends and relatives in the morning and evening. Have you ever heard of or eaten the popular Dussehra snacks?

In West Bengal usually, Lucchi (deep-fried bread) and Dom (fried spicy potato snack) are served to guests. In other parts, Jalebi is served and even paired with fafda. As per the Hindu scriptures, Lord Rama loved to eat the sweet of Shashkuli. Shashkuli is also known as jalebi. For this reason, people often celebrate the victory of good with the spiral-shaped crispy and golden sweet of Jalebi. Moreover, scriptures also suggest that Lord Hanuman used to prepare it for lord Rama. Since then, jalebi has become a symbol of the festival and on the day of Dussehra, you will find Jalebi stalls almost in every second street.

Apart from the mythological reasons that are various scientific associations for eating jalebi at the Dussehra festival. Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has also shared the health benefits of Ghee and Jalebi during many interviews and lectures. Are you wondering about the scientific reasons behind eating jalebi at the Dussehra festival? While you are preparing for the jalebi, why not learn the best recipe of white sauce pasta.

Let's start with the most basic medical reason behind jalebi :-

  • Dussehra comes at a time when hot weather begins to change and days start becoming cooler and eating jalebi during this season is considered beneficial.
  • Consuming hot jalebi in the month of Ashvin helps to treat migraines that are common at this part of the weather.Consuming hot jalebi in the month of Ashvin helps to treat migraines that are common at this part of the weather.
  • Another aspect is that Dussehra marks the end of Navratri and many people observe fasting during this occasion. So, after tiring Garba and Navratri Celebrations people deserve this treat.
  • Do you feel that eating Jalebi can make you put on some calories that you won't like? If yes, then NFCI has brought the health benefits of eating Jalebi that will compel you to have them now!

The common health benefits of eating Jalebi are:-

Cures migraine- Consuming Milk Jalebi with left roti from dinner can be the ideal beginning to your morning. Milk Jalebi with Roti can cure migraines and headaches without the need to eat medicines. The cause for migraine headache can be subjective to every person and there can be various triggers for it. There can be various triggers in your daily lifestyle that you might recognize and some even go unrecognized. Some common triggers include lack of sleep, skipping meals, alcohol, loud noises, excessive stress, etc. In all situations, instead of consuming medicines for this headache, it is more healthy to have milk with jalebi.

Relieves Stress- The best way to get rid of exam stress of nervousness can be having Jalebis. It relieves the stress hormone that will make you feel better.

Ensures good health- Instead of worrying over the calories about Jalebi you should have it to get a healthy body. If you are very skinny then eating jalebi with milk for breakfast will help you gain mass.

Improves concentration- Many people find it difficult to concentrate and focus on work or studies. If you find the same problem then eating jalebi can help you to concentrate better.

Treats Respiratory disease- Consuming Warm milk soaked in Jalebis is the best home remedy to cure Asthma, cough, or cold.

Prevents skin dryness- Do you face the issues of itchy or dry hands and legs. Well, this is a common skin issue but eating jalebis can cure it and prevent itchiness on the body particularly in winters.

Treats Anxiety- Jalebi can refresh you and help to relieve anxiety. It is often suggested that fresh raspberry-flavored Jalebi can help to treat immediate anxiety and lower stress hormones.

Helps to increase weight- Everyone knows that people often put on weight and become obese. But, often many people face the issue of low weight and they are unable to put on weight. Fried desi ghee with a glass of milk can help you to increase weight.

Traditionally, Ghee has been the most effective and simple home remedy to treat migraine. Just melting Ghee and putting 3 to 4 drops in each nostril twice a day is the best way to treat migraines or headaches. Desi Ghee Jalebis can be the best way to deal with migraines.

Nutritional value of one piece of Jalebi

fat proteinCarbohydrate Calcium Potassium Sodium Iron
2.2 g 0.2 g5.6 g0.5g3.6mg0.3 mg0.1

Easy Jalebi Recipe


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