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How to Simplify the Hotel Check-In Process for Customer

Making a good first impression is important to any hotel. That’s why it’s important to make sure one of the first physical interactions guests have with your hotel go smoothly. Here are some tips to simplify the hotel check-in process for guests. And start their vacation with their right foot.

  1. The hotel’s check-in process is to allow remote check-in. This allows your property to leave the check-in process behind for guests. Remote check-in can either be web-based or through a dedicated mobile Best of all, guests can search and book rooms of their choice. In a better way, it can be used as a casual marketing tool. You can help your customers know more about the hotel, offer special offers, and even upsell other amenities during their stay.

How is it?

Use the app as a smart room key or let you activate an RFID key card that can be picked up when a customer arrives at the lobby

  1. Make hotel check-in time more flexible Why guests like itis a well-known fact. Guests hate traditional check-in Many arrivals at major international airports occur around noon traditional Check-in and noon check-out fit that schedule, not the same time, many long-haul flights arrive early in the morning and many departures occur late at night. At last thing people want to endure after a red-eye flight is the hassle of check-in.

How to achieve it

Modern guests value efficiency. The hotel check-in time should reflect this. The hoteliers are responding to behavioral changes such as standard hotels, and many chains are responding by initiating a check-in program at any time

  1. Smart guests to pay for hotel early / late check-in, they seem to go everywhere, so why not allow guests an extra wiggle room? A small extra charge can give your customers room to check in as early or late as their schedule allows. Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental Hotels Group and others are offering this benefit, which is another great way to generate collateral revenue for your
  2. Allowing a check-in kiosk to the hotel lobby

Why Customers Like It – The hotel brand is taking advantage of more advanced automation. Paying benefits of these self-service check-in kiosks are twofold. Adding allows customers to bypass the line while at the same time saving labour costs in the lobby. The this technology makes it possible for guests to do more than just complete their own hotel check-ins.

By incorporating these tips into your hotel check-in process, your guests won’t need to queue at the front desk It you’ll make a great first impression.


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