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how to become executive chef

What does it take to be an executive chef?

What does it take to be an executive chef?

Do you aspire to sit on the prestigious seat of the executive chef in the future? If yes, then NFCI - Hotel Management Institute is your one-stop destination. From a remarkable executive chef course to the best certification in the hospitality sector, you will get the opportunity to magnify your career in such a manner that it actually helps you convert all your preset goals into reality. We have crafted this blog to help you gather quality information about why you should choose an executive chef profession as your whole sole goal. Before moving further let's understand the meaning of the executive chef.

Every chef and cooking assistant in a professional kitchen is managed by an Executive Chef. This responsibility holding individual is in charge of everything that happens inside the kitchen. An Executive Chef is devotedly responsible for supervising some of the administrative responsibilities required in running a restaurant successfully. Moreover, this responsibility of holding professionals creates a constructive sense of teamwork inside the restaurant. 

Aside from that, he is responsible for overseeing the work of the other team members. It is the responsibility of an Executive Chef to create new recipes and menus, supervise costs in the restaurant kitchen and ensure all meals are made under good care. Executive Chef’s primary responsibilities involve ensuring that all meals safety requirements are followed, changing the menu, and collaborating with the kitchen staff. A new culinary staff member is hired and trained by an Executive Chef. Several Executive Chefs specialist in a specific dish, such as Italian, Regional, Continental, or Chinese foods.

Job responsibilities after you become executive chef

If you truly aim to become chef in the near future then working productively towards your dream should be your whole sole goal. Always consider the point that job descriptions can differ slightly depending on the kind of kitchen. However, the foundations of most Executive Chef positions are consistent. Check out the elbow mentioned responsibilities that they have to perform:

  • On a daily basis, create and implement menus and meal plans that are tailored to the needs and goals of the facility, restaurant, or executive chef's kitchen.
  • Take the responsibility of training all the employees in a particular project 
  • Work effectively as part of a team and contribute to a pleasant workplace.
  • Work proactively to maintain a well-stocked inventory and use cost control to your advantage.
  • Engage with peers, coworkers, and customers in a way that encourages dialogue and feedback.
  • Supervise and direct culinary activities as well as authorized back-of-house personnel.

What is the executive qualification base required for becoming an executive chef?

If you are dreaming to pursue an executive chef career then NFCI can work wonders for your case. When it comes to being successful as an executive chef, there are a number of qualities that make it easier to perform throughout. In order to be an effective kitchen manager, an executive chef must have strong judgement and problem-solving skills. Menu success and staff strengths management demand critical thinking skills. As a restaurant manager, you must have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. 

In order to work as an executive chef, you must have a high culinary arts certificate. Culinary arts courses is the most common executive chef course, and it takes two years to complete. As a result of this, several institutions offer a Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts. There is also a one-year intensive curriculum for executive chefs that allows them to inculcate a wide variety of skills of a professional executive chef.

List of few skills that you can easily learn after completing executive chef course 

To become a chef you need to pursue a respective culinary course that can easily help you inculcate a few remarkable skills to excel in the hospitality sector. Due to the fact that the executive chef holds a responsibility to manage both staffs and assist an organisation to expand. Executive chefs have a wide variety of talents that allow them to adapt to varied demands. Moreover, an executive chef should have the following attributes:

  1. Organization: They should be well versed with the fact to keep a kitchen clean and safe, executive chefs must have great organisational abilities. Their meals and equipment should be organised so that they can be retrieved quickly in a fast-paced setting.
  2. Effective communication: To have a versatile executive chef career the aspiration filled student must follow every instruction of the desired course faculty in a proper manner. To make and distribute meals fast, the kitchen staff must work closely together. As a leader, they will need to facilitate communications in an efficient manner.
  3. Leadership quality: Executive chefs must be able to lead a team as the highest-ranking person in the kitchen. Instructing and training other staff on how to make certain menu items and understand strict culinary procedures is the responsibility of executive chefs. As a result of their efforts, every kitchen personnel should be able to work effectively.
  4. Knowledge of crafting budget plans: It is the sole responsibility of the executive chef to build and implement a budget for their restaurants that includes equipment and food preparation.  Moreover, assisting with menu pricing to ensure the business makes a profit is also part of
  5. Timely food preparation: In most kitchens, the pace is brisk and there are rigorous deadlines to adhere to. In order to maintain a fully-staffed kitchen, well-experienced executive chefs are in charge of setting personal timetables. They are responsible for constructing a that usually alarm the chef to learn the art of time management. If you are applying to an executive chef course then you would be happy to know that you'll surely get a remarkable chance to become effective in managing time while preparing a dish. The ability to manage their time is essential for all executive chefs since it allows them to keep a close eye on the production of many dishes.

Final Thought 

All in all the executive chefs are adept trained food preparation professionals who are truly responsible to utilize their managerial and cooking capabilities to magnify the working of the kitchen. If this whole field motivates you to the core to enroll in the best chef course then why not join hands with the NFCI. It's the best platform that offers an executive chef course at an affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? Link with one of the best Culinary Institute in India - NFCI to achieve the impossibilities in your career.