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Sumreet Kaur – Passion leads to Profession

Sumreet Kaur is delighted to share her remunerative journey which is the result of her course at NFCI, the best institute in North India.

She had undergone “Diploma in culinary skills (DICS)” at NFCI in 2012. Sumreet belongs to Uttar Pradesh and visited NFCI with the dream of to make her career in Hospitality Industry specifically in Culinary Art. Upon completion of her course Sumreet had a strong desire to become a trainer at NFCI but destiny has something else in store and she got a chance to go overseas.Sumreet completed her Industrial Training at Hotel Radisson and because of her optimist attitude she got on the job training in the same hotel, but desire to achieve some more took her to New Zealand on study Visa in 2014 where she started pursuing a course in cooking from Auckland Hotel and Chef training school, New Zealand.

In 2015-16 she worked in a hotel in New Zealand and got Permanent Residency. Sumreet is a real life example of “hard work achieves success”. Sumreet is a self-motivated and confident girl who wanted to utilise her potential to the fullest and achieve her dreams.NFCI the no. 1 institute of cooking always gives their best to support every student, and have supported Sumreet to accomplish so many milestones. As on 21st June 2016 Sumreet acquired a certification from NFCI which is recognised by the University of New Zealand and she will be able to complete the level 6 and 7 as well. Her positive attitude and willingness to learn has always helped her to move ahead in life and with this the college from where she studied in New Zealand had offered her a job as ‘Trainer”Sumreet shows her gratitude to all the chefs, faculty members and Management of NFCI – the best institute in North India of Hotel management and Cooking, to show her the right path to achieve her goals in life.

You have dreams and want to realise those dreams – Join NFCI the best Hotel management and Cooking Institute, which helps you get the knowledge and education in Hospitality.The entire team of NFCI wishes good luck to Sumreet Kaur for a happy and prosperous life.