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Restaurant Table Setting

Table Setting is the most Significant part of the Restaurant. It Must be very attractive, inviting that welcomes the customers. Knowledge and experience are the most important factors for table settings

Standard Formal Setting: It is related to placing of Center piece, Table Mats, Napkins, Plates, Glasses, Cutlery.

Every Presentation show the Quality of the service by the restaurant and the care for the customer. It must be so that the visitor feels comfortable in using these services.
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Item wise :

  1. Centerpieces are used for the purpose of decoration and attraction. They are placed in the center. Fresh Flower with a small vase are quite useful for this purpose.
    table Mats are placed close to the table edges in parallel position with enough space in between so that visitors feel quite comfortable while using restaurant services.
    Other Items – Plates, Cutlery, Glasses and Napkins are used when meal is consumed. There placings must not put any hindrance in the consuming of the meal. Rather it Should be in systematic way that provides Comfortable Consumption. Napkins are Usually folded in a particular design and are on the right side of the table mat, Plates in the center and cutlery adjusted accordingly.
  2. Casual Table Setting: It is any particular style designed by the restaurant for the occasion. There are no hard and fast rules. It is as per the need and is less formal.
    Normally more space is provided for each guest to enjoy the food. Number and type of cutlery is optional as per need. Placement of napkins can be on either side of the plates or on the top of plates. Extra Plates can be provided along with the main and placed an left side.Buffet Table Setting: Buffet Style Table setting is almost a standard type of setting suitable for the frequent visitors, family members and friends who like to serve themselves. It is a purposive table setting. Center Decorations are placed in the center in such type of settings. A Separate table is arranged for placing of dessert plates, cups, glasses to check congestion
  3. Buffet Setting requires a particular order of placement which start with plates, side dishes, main entree, veggies, salads, bread and other relishers which are part of the meal.
    Utensils are placed at the end of the buffet table.
    Napkins can be placed between each plate.
  4. Table Setting for Pizzeria: Pizza is very popular food these days and there is a special table setting for serving pizza.
    Plate, knife, Fork, Spoon, Napkins and glass are required for this purpose.
    Spoon and Knife are placed at the right of plate where knife blade face the plate.
  5.  Table Setting for Breakfast: breakfast serving requires placements where visitors feel most comfortable, energetic to enjoy the breakfast. It is not a fancy style but a style which is attractive and inviting for the purpose.
    Normally Plates are places in the center, fork and napkin on the left and other items required on the right side of the table.

A Separate table is arranged for placing pf cups, glasses, saucers, bowls etc for
hot / cold. Drinks as well as for cereals. In short, serving and arrangement for servings form the main part of restaurant. A devoted Presentation and Placing invites guests for revisits. This is the Success Story for the Restaurant.

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