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NFCI Mohali – Destination for a Promising Future

The hospitality world is brimming with opportunities and this ever-growing service industry has opened numerous gateways for skilled employment. The group of National Finishing and Cooking Institutes have created a niche for themselves pan-India in providing proficient, trained individuals who can provide quality and class in their area of specialization.

Mohali, in Punjab, is a fast-growing commercial city and has seen a dramatic development in the commercial and hospitality sectors for the past decade. Tapping the market needs of the hospitality and hotel sectors, NFCI is providing state-of-the-art education to endorse skill-based learning. Right from the time of its inception, NFCI Mohali has consistently stood up to the expectations of all individuals who come to make a change in their lives, a definite positive change.

NFCI Mohali is a well-established finishing school that has a whole lot of skill-based courses that are much sought after by the ambitious individuals who look towards making a promising career in the hospitality industry. The curriculum offered by this vibrant centre is highly dynamic in nature, going hand in hand with the ever-changing needs of the evolving industry.

In recent years, there has been a gradual but a clear shift in the interests of a sizable number of students in pursuing skill-based courses is essential because of the multifarious options that come their way as far as placement options. There is a marked rise in the number of individuals who have not taken the path most treaded and have opted to follow their passion – whether cooking, public relations or even baking. There are more individuals now than ever before who are ready to plunge into the commercial business sector and make a mark there.

The hospitality world has innumerable career openings, and the courses here cater to all these careers. Broadly, the key areas covered are – Cookery and Culinary Courses, Baking, Food & Beverage Management, Front Office Management, Housekeeping, Food Production and Hotel Management. In the cookery courses, one can opt for specialised cuisines, regional and International and master them. Along with cuisine-based, courses, a dedicated course in Tandoor Cooking and full-fledged Baking are also popular options. Cuisines include Indian, Chinese and Continental.  Also, courses vary in their duration and content and are classified as certificate or diploma courses. One can easily choose the course that suits his needs and time available. In fact, many home-makers and children enrol themselves in short-term / hobby classes, which gives them a chance to improvise and perfect their performance.

The added advantage of taking up a course and being trained at NFCI Mohali is the accreditation from one of the most esteemed body – the American Hotel & Lodge Educational Institution that provides hospitality certification provides recognition of mastery of professional knowledge and skills. National Skill Development Corporation also recognises certain select courses, making the prospects of getting good placements for the qualifying students.


NFCI Mohali has seen many students who have shifted their academic line of education from undergraduate courses to skill-based courses, job oriented courses,  leading them towards a successful professional career that has made them achieve their goals.

The biggest strength of NFCI Mohali is the well-experienced and highly professional faculty who are not only proficient in sharing the theoretical concepts, but also impart repetitive demonstrations and practical sessions, infusing the sense of clarity and confidence amongst the students. Each student enjoys his or her personalised introduction to the world of hospitality. With the dedication of the faculty and the effective transfer of skills from the teaching to the taught, every student of NFCI Mohali goes on a journey of true experiential learning. Students learn the terminology and the fine nuances of each hospitality aspect. Preparing a student is a challenge that each chef / trainer at NFCI takes quite seriously and students learn not only the actual aspect being taught, but also to give their best shot in presenting the aspect in a way that will appeal the eyes and the soul. Students at NFCI Mohali get a well-rounded training during their tenure at the centre. The daily practical classes are not just scheduled to repeat the tasks, but to better and perfect them with every trial.

The entire ambience at the NFCI Centre exuberates an openhearted atmosphere where students feel at ease. The work units for each courseware have been so designed that it gives the finest possible learning experience – whether it is cooking, baking or even housekeeping. Skills are imbibed with the guidance of the expertise of the faculty and invited resource persons. Students relish the exposure of the industry during internships with the leading hospitality establishments and hotels.

To give the taste of a true to life experience of the hospitality world, several workshops and live sessions are organised for students. Students are also given opportunities by planning various competitions and fests all through the year, marking important days and festivals, where they can display their acquired skills and prove their mettle too. Some of the popular competitive events that are looked forwards to are – Diwali Fest, Holi Fest, Mango Fest, Winter Fiesta and “Rasoi” Queen/King. Students also vie with each other to compete for the Student of the Honour Award.

All courses are career-oriented and the placement cell of NFCI Mohali has a commendable record of arranging for high end establishments participating in the placement drives. The alumni of NFCI Centres are placed in the prominent hospitality and hotel chains. Also, innumerable pass-outs from NFCI have initiated and launched their own hospitality ventures, especially eating joints and cafes across India and overseas too.

All said and done, NFCI Mohali is a one-stop destination for career-oriented individuals who are ready to learn and get a holistic change in their lives. Every child is groomed to enhance as a personality, to become self-reliant and confident. Students receive training in soft-skills too, which prepares them to handle interviews and interactions with ease. With each new day, NFCI Mohali is nurturing and churning out excellent hospitality professionals, intending to fill the gap between the demand and supply of skilled person