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nfci 32 years

NFCI celebrates 32 Years of its Establishment:

Overview and History about NFCI: 

National finishing and cookery institute is one of the best Hotel Management and culinary Institutes in India. It is an extensive research and learning center where students learn the best skills from the field of culinary and hospitality.

Hotel management and culinary are one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It offers a wide range of opportunities for a skilled workforce and NFCI prepares candidates with the required skills for excelling in the field.

The journey of NFCI began as the Nikhar Hobby center in 1990. The consistency and development of a venture proves its capabilities and similarly, a Hobby class became renowned NFCI in 1999. The venture NFCI has stood the test of time and sprawled into a group of Institutes with more than 16 branches in the prominent cities of the world after 32 years of journey. NFCI is the catalyst behind 22000+ student's success stories in the fields of culinary and hospitality.

NFCI provides Fully equipped modern labs to give an opportunity to candidates for real-life projects that gives a special edge. Students get a chance to engage themselves in experimentation and case handling. It provides a comprehensive learning environment to ensure all-round growth and nurture their set of skills in every aspect.

The Pioneers for the Successful Journey:

The journey from Nikhar Hobby classes to NFCI (National Finishing and cookery institute) spanning for more than 32 years has been the result of a capable leadership. The founders began the journey with a vision that has turned into reality fulfilling the dreams of countless culinary aspirants.


"Great companies start with because the founders want to change the world….. not to make a fast buck". - Guy Kawasaki

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality"

brijinder kaur nagpal nfci managing director

Every great dream begins with a dreamer and Mrs. Brijinder Kaur Nagpal is a dreamer and her Dream has facilitated countless students to achieve success and make successful careers. attempts. Brijinder Kaur Nagpal, M.SC in Food & Nutrition & Registered Dietician in India & Canada. She comes from a well-educated background and went on to help women become skilled and master their field.

She began an institute to help poor and needy women learn cooking and personality development. Soon, her institute became known for quality education that turned into professional classes. She fueled her dream with strength, patience and passion. She worked with a vision to expand and grow NFCI to a greater level to compete with the best Institutes in the country.

Her role is to look after entire operations, with Specialization in Academics, Finance & Human Resources. She has been the motivation to turn students into industry professionals with her hardworking and innovative ideas. Mrs. Brijinder Nagpal has been constantly working towards making NFCI a popular brand that has redefined educat ional standards.

pemninder singh nagpal nfci director

Mr. Pemninder Singh Nagpal, is the Director & co- founder of NFCI Group of Education. His role is to look after entire operations which includes assisted sales, finance, human resources and administration along with performing a number of Marketing, Supervisory and Conflict management duties. His role also involves consultation with internal as well as external representatives. 

As a commerce postgraduate, he has experience in the Industry/Public sector for more than 3 decades. He quit his job to support his wife in her new venture, to provide Hobby cooking classes to women. Soon, the venture became successful and it stepped on the ladder of success to become a leading Professional Hospitality Educational Institute. 

As a leader of NFCI, his keen interest in new business initiatives, startups and passion for entrepreneurship boosted the success journey of NFCI. He is also a part of Board of Members for another Venture i.e. Jiwan Associates (A Tata Enterprises-Westside Retail Outlet in Jalandhar). With almighty God and his vision, NFCI shall soon achieve bigger heights.

anjna joshi nfci director

She is the Executive Director, the nurturer of NFCI Family, An educationist, edupreneur and reiki master healer with élan. She has an inspiring and motivating personality. Her endeavours have won her an award from the Indian Women Convention as an achiever in the vocational education industry. She always spreads a positive energy wherever she goes and her belief, “ You think it, You get it”has been the motivation towards the right direction. She takes comprehensive care of NFCI and consistent hard work has made NFCI touch new levels of success in the world of Hospitality education.

sanjeev kashyap nfci director

He is the Director, the prime mover & impresario of NFCI. His role is handling various business ventures like Education, Cargo, Food , Consumer Durables, Manufacturing and many more. He is an excellent mentor for students and aspirants. Mr. Kashyap is a business tycoon with exceptional negotiating skills. He is a person with ideas and the abilities to materialise ideas. His has strong faith in work ethics, discipline, trust and love for work. As a person he is confident with patience and logic. His financial experience has benefitted many big brands and his devotion to time is unmatchable.

NFCI Campuses:

NFCI has 16 Campuses in the renowned cities of India that includes-

  1. Jalandhar
  2. Amritsar
  3. Ludhiana
  4. Chandigarh
  5. Patiala
  6. Maqsudan
  7. Barsar
  8. Solan
  9. Kangra
  10. Mandi
  11. Chamba
  12. Belgaum
  13. Lucknow
  14. Varanasi
  15. Karnal
  16. Bhopal

(1). Jalandhar- Jalandhar is renowned for its leather industry, furniture, and export houses. The city houses a globally known sports equipment industry and authentic Punjabi food. There has been a growing need for learned professionals to work in innumerable restaurants and hotels. It is where NFCI Jalandhar caters to the rising demands of professionals.  The reason for the attraction and sustenance of NFCI Jalandhar is the concentrated dedication of the core working team with a diversity of courses. The NFCI Jalandhar is one of the leading skill-based educational institutions that has gained the status of the best-known Hotel management Institute in Jalandhar.

(2). Amritsar- The holy city of Amritsar is a favorite among tourists for attractions like Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, and rich cuisine.  Punjab has been synonymous with food and grains while being the perfect destination for food enthusiasts from around the world. Amritsar and Punjab are full of popular entries, food joints, and restaurants that have a high demand for culinary professionals. NFCI Amritsar strongly focuses on imparting culinary and hospitality skills to culinary aspirants. Expert educators, modern labs, and a modern curriculum strengthen the theoretical and practical knowledge of learners. It prepares industry professionals with advanced culinary courses and a food-centric model of education.

(3). Ludhiana- Ludhiana is the largest city of Punjab with one of the biggest manufacturing hubs in India. The city has ancient ruins of the Lodhi dynasty and a war museum. In the manufacturing hub, NFCI Ludhiana provides top-notch quality education and cooking skills in the commercial state of Punjab. The campus is located in the city center of Ludhiana,  which is surrounded by busy activities and multiple business initiatives.  Students learn to prepare rich and authentic Punjabi cuisine along with their updated study curriculum.  NFCI Ludhiana has the best facilities with well-equipped labs and an exclusive bakery for aspiring bakery chefs. There are spacious classrooms, valuable add-ons with regular theoretical and practical classes.

(4). Chandigarh- Chandigarh is the first planned modern city of India also known as city beautiful. It's an urban hub with countless renowned food brands and street joints. NFCI Mohali, Chandigarh works with a holistic vision and comprehensive education.  It has made several contributions to the culinary and hospitality field in Chandigarh with an enriched learning atmosphere between educators and learners. NFCI Chandigarh has highly skilled educators who groom students in multiple additional aspects that include mannerisms, language command, table etiquette, time and stress management, etc. There are well-structured courses with the best industrial training opportunities for learners to turn students into culinary professionals.

(5). Patiala- The royal city of Patiala is popular for its turban, paranda, and jutti. The historic city has been a center of attraction in Punjab with mouth-watering cuisine. NFCI Patiala has a modern and well-designed kitchen for the ultimate culinary learning experience.  The well-equipped infrastructure with effective learning aids makes a positive and productive learning environment.  NFCI Patiala has a wide spectrum of culinary courses to cater to various interests. There are research-oriented practical sessions with renowned industrial training and placement alternatives. The royal city of Patiala is popular for a wide range of educational institutions in the city that has become an important education hub for students. NFCI Patiala takes pride in being one of the leading culinary institutions in Patiala. It has 9 Campuses with proximity to Patiala bus stand and railway station making it easy to access for learners.

(6). Maqsudan- NFCI Maqsudan is one of the finest Finishing schools in the region. Learners learn from skilled educators and train experts to become leading industry professionals. The institute has a positive and constructive environment with a well-equipped kitchen for educational practical sessions. The wide range of courses is intricately tailored to match international standards by imparting mastering skills to students. NFCI Maqsudan has a very active placement cell with an impressive database of placements. There are spacious classrooms for daily theory classes. There are various in-house culinary events and competitions at the regional, national, and International levels held in the institute.

(7). Barsar- Barsar in Himachal Pradesh is a picturesque location with a popular tourist attraction.  It is a renowned stopover on the route for Manali and NFCI Barsar is a leading institute in the city imparting culinary and hospitality skills among learners. Barsar is one of the most developing and alluring educational institutions in the state. The culinary aspirants from Himachal Pradesh prefer NFCI Barsar to step into the world of culinary. Located in a scenic area, the institute has a modern infrastructure and excellent learning aid. The in-house staff, expert educators, and guest professionals from the field often organize group discussions and seminars in the institute.

(8). Solan- Solan is also known as the 'Mushroom city of India' because it is the largest producer of Mushrooms in India. Located in Himachal Pradesh it is an enchanting place with rich scenic beauty, mountains, cheerful people, and the old charm of British times. The place is famous for its spicy cuisine and culturally authentic preparations with food-loving locals. The city houses NFCI Solan, a well-designed institute imparting culinary skills among learners. It has a wide spectrum of hospitality-related courses with an updated curriculum to match varied interests. The city, surrounded by dense deodar forests, is a popular destination for the thriving food and hospitality industry. Culinary aspirants get the opportunity to learn from experts in modern kitchens and work in a wide range of restaurants and hotel chains.

(9). Kangra- Kangra houses Kangra fort that is the oldest dated fort in India. The number of eateries, hotels, restaurants, and food joints are increasing and so is the demand for culinary professionals. This is where NFCI Kangra possesses expertise in training and imparting professional Culinary skills. It grooms top-notch industry professionals with a wide range of courses to appeal to their preferences.  NFCI Kangra has fully equipped labs with the latest facilities and spacious classrooms for regular theoretical lectures. It was established in 2016 and has been stepping up the ladder of success since then. Students learn from talented and experienced learners with the best industrial training opportunities for real-life experience.

(10). Mandi- Himachal Pradesh is gifted with an abundance of natural and climatic advantages. This gift of nature has attracted countless visitors and tourists that has led to the growth of the Hospitality sector in the state. Mandi is also known as the temple town of Himachal Pradesh with a comforting environment. It is also known as 'Choti Kashi' for its religious significance. Catering to the education and employment needs of the city, NFCI Mandi provides advanced culinary courses with research-intensive learning and a food-centric model of education. The Mandi was launched in 2020, in the hilly town of Mandi with excellent teaching in culinary and hospitality education.

(11). Chamba- Chamba is popular for its untouched natural beauty. There is a growing desire among youth to become a part of the growing food industry and carve a successful career. NFCI makes this dream come true in the exotic hill station of Hill Station. It is a 55 km drive from Dalhousie with cool winters, Beautiful summers, and delight for food lovers. NFCI Chamba has high-tech laboratories for the departments of Bakery, front office, hospitality, food and beverage, food production, and housekeeping. It provides a wide spectrum of advanced Hotel Management courses in the beautiful and exotic mountainous region of Himachal Pradesh.

(12). Belgaum- Belgaum is situated in the foothills of the Sahyadri mountain range known for its uniqueness.  The city has a strong historic background when it was under the rule of the Yadav Dynasty in the Vijaynagar Kingdom. It has a unique culture with renowned temples, churches, and mosques. Just as the city, the cuisine of the city is unique and so are its food lovers. NFCI Belgaum in Karnataka is the ideal destination for aspiring future professionals to groom and learn from industry experts. It offers a wide range of culinary courses with specializations in Bakery, Tandoori, and Chinese Cuisine.  NFCI Belgaum has advanced labs with modern infrastructure to groom the practical skills of students. There are regular theory classes with workshops, seminars, and various competitions.  Students get an opportunity to be placed in some of the most lucrative employment opportunities.

(13). Lucknow- Lucknow has a great history of rich cultural background with royalty. The city of Nawabs or Lucknow is also known as the capital city of food lovers.  It's known for its Tungri kebabs, Basket chaat, Samosa, Kulfi faloodas, Biryani, and much more. Lucknow known for its culinary fares and rich delicacies had skilled manpower in culinary during the old days. But, then Lucknow did witness a lack of skilled manpower and many of them are stuck in old food preparation techniques with nothing new for a long time now. NFCI Lucknow offers full-service culinary courses with a blend of ancient food preparation to the latest food Making technique. Culinary aspirants get to learn a comprehensive range of culinary skills in high-tech labs from industry experts educators.

(14). Varanasi- Kashi or Banaras is one the oldest cities in the world. NFCI Varanasi is located in the center of the city that is known for its diverse delicacies and rich food culture.  It fulfills the need of providing skilled education to aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for a wide range of specialized culinary courses. There are the latest facilities,  modern infrastructure, daily practical and theoretical sessions with multiple co-curricular activities for students. At the same time, students get placed in the top hospitality and culinary outlets to begin their journey for a successful career. The institute also caters to the increasing tourism sector needs for a skilled workforce. NFCI Varanasi has helped many students to be in the hospitality industry and fulfill their ambition for a well-paid career.

(15). Karnal- The historical city of Karnal houses various symbolic monuments and heritage sites. The city is located near the national highway making it easily accessible. Karnal is home to world-class educational research Institutes. NFCI Karnal has the backing of the NFCI group with prestige in training culinary aspirants into professional experts. The varied range of courses has a strong curriculum that makes students prepared to compete at global levels with a constructive study environment and the latest infrastructure. The study is based on research-intensive and skill-based learning to enable students to learn about the real-life working style. The industrial training opportunities with a recognized NFCI certification give an additional edge to students.

(16). Bhopal- The Heartland of Madhya Pradesh Bhopal also known as the city of lakes is recognized for its food, culture, and historical significance.  NFCI Bhopal has been established to give a professional aspect to the traditional food and authentic flavors of Bhopal. It has a holistic learning environment with international tie-ups and experienced industry faculty to facilitate candidates to build a successful career in culinary. NFCI Bhopal emphasizes practical education,  skilled empowerment, and knowledge-based learning. The wide variety of courses is specially designed about the current market needs and advancement in technology.  The daily practical session and social interactive workshops make future aspirants ready for the field.

NFCI has a ritual of celebrating different kinds of festivals on the Campus. They celebrate independence day, Teej, Baisakhi, Women's day, Lori, and much more. These festivals signify the rich culture of India and NFCI organizes celebrations to honor Indian festivals by preparing the symbolic food of the festivals.


Objectives of NFCI:

NFCI (National Finishing and cookery institute) is a research intensive institute where students throughout India can excel in the culinary field with culinary courses. This culinary institute is a blend of opportunities, connections, renowned placements and enhanced training.

Our Mission is to mentor students towards the attractive employment opportunities in the food and hospitality industry. We impart advanced culinary and food preparation skills to aspiring chefs and turn them into master professionals.

NFCI works with the mission to enlighten the path of the learner towards employment opportunities, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. We concentrate on skilled learning and a food centered-study model.

We work with a set of core values that includes Respect, Honesty, commitment and growth.

NFCI caters to the developing needs of the food industry with updated courses, advanced cooking programs and modern syllabus to upscale the culinary skills of students. We offer degrees and associate programs like Diplomas and certification courses in hospitality and culinary. We follow a food-centric education model to make candidates secure the top jobs in the field. NFCI offers a wide range of Cookery and hospitality courses relevant to the varied interests of aspiring chefs.

NFCI is working with a future aim to establish more campuses in every state and major cities of the country. We work with the goal to ensure that every 3 in 5 culinary professionals will learn from the NFCI Institute. To cater with the changing world scenario and advancement in technology, NFCI has also established its online learning platform 'ilearning'. It offers certified culinary courses for aspiring chefs to learn at the comfort of their home with specialised courses and an affordable fee structure. NFCI shall continue to work towards readying quality culinary professionals for the culinary and hospitality industry in India.