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Hotel Management Institute in Mandi

Himachal Pradesh is bestowed with nature’s bounty as far as beauty and the climatic advantage is concerned. Having these advantages has automatically made almost all of this state attract a large number of tourists. With the growing number of visitors with each passing day, the biggest commercial sector is invariably the hotel and hospitality sector. Mandi, the temple town of Himachal Pradesh, is one such destination, sought after for its comforting environment. Amongst the other trades that thrive here, the educational sector has also seen a positive shoot. To balance the education and employment needs of the growing economy, several skill centers have a strong presence, and leading in this arena is NFCI Hotel Management Institute in Mandi


Hotel Management and Cooking Courses in Mandi

The NFCI Group is synonymous with being the prime skill education provider, with courses that cater to all the varied aspects of the hospitality segment. With 31 years of experience in this field, NFCI Cooking Institute in Mandi with its already creating waves. The advanced culinary courses offered by the institute have a curriculum that is completely industry-oriented and provides unique specializations in various cuisines and cooking techniques. The Certificate Programs also promise a strong foundation in the core skill areas required by the industry.


NFCI has launched Mandi Campus on 3 February 2020. Snuggled in the hilly town of Mandi, NFCI Cooking Classes in Mandi has been synonymous with culinary excellence and has definitely raised the bar in culinary arts and hospitality education in the region. The student-centered set-up of the center provides an ambiance that is both comfortable and conducive for learning. Since the time of its inception, the NFCI center has enabled aspiring students to turn their ambitions into reality. A fantastic team of classically trained and expert teachers with experience working in the finest restaurants and hotels, train the students, apprising them with the latest trends of the Hospitality industry.  The wide range of courses are designed to expand and enhance the skills of the students and at the same time to encourage new ways of thinking and creativity.

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The intention behind the institute was to provide the best hotel management skills in our area. So, students and peoples will be imparted skills as to how you can manage at your best the operations of hotel, motel, resort, etc. our major focus to provide the best practical and theoretical skill in Hotel Management courses and train students to become successful hotel managers and hoteliers. 


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The excellent faculty with extensive practical and industry experience make the learning experience all the more worthwhile. The focus is on introducing innovative methodologies of knowledge dissemination with the changing needs of the hospitality industry. The faculty continually endeavors to create opportunities for the students so as they can intern and start their career as independent entrepreneurs or are absorbed as professionals with leading corporates. The state-of-the-art set-up of the Centre allows the students to maximize their learning whether it is mastering cuisines or managing the front office or for that matter house-keeping.

NFCI Cooking Courses in Mandi is here to stay and excel in giving the best professionals to the ever-demanding industry.

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