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6 binding benefits of egg

6 Binding benefits of an egg that make it a complete meal – NFCI

6 Binding benefits of an egg that make it a complete meal

For year’s eggs have been a part of the regular diet among various communities. Eggs are a very popular food item and they are easily available at an inexpensive price. There are many kinds of eggs available in the market and the most familiar kind is chicken eggs. Still, the majority of all people do not know about the health benefits of eggs. This article will take you through the most binding benefits of an egg.


Do you include eggs in your meals?


It is often seen that people prefer to consume eggs in various forms like cooking in curries, adding in rice or simply boiling them.  Eggs are a crucial and adaptable component of various baking dishes due to their fluffy and glue-like texture for that binding effect in recipes. It is also considered a symbol of fertility and rebirth and known as “superfoods”. In Christianity, decorated eggs play a major role in symbolizing Easter.


Are you confused over including eggs in your diet?

According to the USDA, an average American eats 19 pounds of eggs per year. Let’s tell you, 4 amazing and unheard facts about eggs that shouldn’t be missed out on.

  • The yolk and white part of eggs both are rich in protein– There used to be a common myth that only the white part of the eggs have a good quantity of protein. But, scientifically both parts of the egg have good protein content.
  • Eggshells indicate the age of laying an egg- The thickness of eggshells indicate the age of laying hen. Thick eggshells indicate that they are laid young hen and thin eggshells indicate that they are laid by old hens.
  • Brown eggs are equally healthy- Due to their high rates, brown eggs are considered healthier. However, in reality, they are laid by physically bigger breeds that require more food which makes them expensive.
  • All eggs in a carton have distinct sizes- All the eggs in a box have varied sizes. Even eggs in many countries are sealed according to the weight of a dozen eggs and not an individual egg. The older the hen is, the bigger the egg size.


6 Amazing health benefits of eggs to include eggs into your diet daily!!

By making these minor changes in your diet you can avail all these benefits. To illustrate this let’s take you through these 6 binding health benefits that will force you to add eggs into your diet regularly.

  1. Excellent source of protein: One large egg contains about 6.3 grams of protein. Just the egg albumin or egg white contains as much as 40 different types of proteins.
  2. Helps in fighting covid-19- Eggs (especially protein-rich liquid part) are a source of B6 and B12 which boosts the immune system that helps in fighting diseases like covid-19 effectively.
  3. The right quantity of essential amino acids: Apart from proteins, eggs contain 9 essential amino acids for the formation of proteins. Amino acids account for a major role in almost every organ system of the body, thereby important.
  4. Presence of phosphorus: Eggs are a vital source of phosphorus as a single large egg contains up to 95 mg of phosphorus. It forms an essential constituent of bones, teeth and forms a major source of energy, ATP.
  5. Presence of phosphorus: Eggs are a vital source of phosphorus as a single large egg contains up to 95 mg of phosphorus. It forms an essential constituent of bones, teeth and forms a major source of energy, ATP.
  6. Biomolecules benefits: Apart from these eggs also contain several other biomolecules like iron, iodine, folate, selenium, etc. It also regulates the thyroid function in the human body.


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Coming to the next item, chicken has also been a common food item around the globe. In every region, you shall find at least 3-4 restaurants selling chicken dishes.  

Here are a few reasons why people crave chicken :

  • Healthy option– It is also a natural source of protein. Along with that, it includes numerous vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and B vitamins.
  • Simple cooking option- Chicken is readily available at most stores and restaurants. It is inexpensive and can be casually added to many dishes and cooked without much complexity.
  • It’s a versatile medium- Chicken suits nearly every cooking style and option. It’s mixed- marinade, roasted, boiled and grilled in nearly all kinds of sauces and flavors.

In the United States, the 269 million cases of eggs produced in 2020, well over half were sold as shell eggs through retail outlets. According to, “Global egg production continues to see substantial growth with latest figures suggesting a 24% increase in the past decade”.  NFCI (National Finishing & Cookery Institute) honours  the importance and benefits of eggs and chicken  on National Poultry Day ( March 19th ) .

Apart from these binding benefits of an egg, they are good for healthy hair and nail growth. It improves mood, protects eye weight and lowers the risk of cancer while clearing face-acne. It is cheap to buy, easy to cook and tasty to eat. So, make sure to include eggs in your grocery list, the next time you step out.

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“Eggs – A one-stop, incredible, edible, healthy food for every mood.”