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career in bakery and confectionery

How To Start A Career In Bakery And Confectionery?

The world of Bakery and confectionery has always been an attraction for young talent. It involves sharp skills, creativity, and discipline for quality work. Bakery as a profession involves the process of baking bread, biscuits, patties, etc. On the other hand, confectionery involves specific baking of more sweet items like cakes, pastries, muffins, etc. Baking is a kind of art and NFCI nurtures artists in culinary arts. So, the glamorous world of Bakery and confectionery is a perfect career choice for aspirants who want to gain expertise in the preparation and presentation of food rich in sugar and carbohydrates. NFCI offers Young chefs a chance to make a specialized career in bakery and confectionery for a better knack and life.

The profession or a career in bakery and confectionery has developed as a separate branch for a pursuit in hotel management. It is a mix of science and arts that involves accuracy and specifications to make a particular product. Nowadays, science and nutrition are involved in all kinds of food preparation but the creative aspect can make a person explore different job roles and expertise in the field.

Steps to become a bakery and confectionery professional in India:-

Baking is one of the most accessible professions with countless institutions and colleges offering specialized courses in Bakery and Confectionary. School/college students or any graduates can make a career in bakery and confectionery. Learn about what is baking and pastry art? is this career for you?. The following are the steps to become a qualified baker of a confectionery expert in India:-

Enrol in a hotel management institute in India like NFCI (National Finishing and Cookery Institute) for a diploma/certificate course in Bakery and confectionery.

  •   Get experience with internships or apprenticeships with bakery or confectionary experts.
  •   It is optional to apply for a licence as a Baker for self-employment (It is voluntary but it is a formal certification for a baker).
  •   Professional bakers can work in hotels, bakeries, restaurants, freelance or cruise ships, etc.
  1.   A junior baker in India should have experience of 1 year.
  2.   A certified baker in India needs to have experience of 4 years.
  3.  A master baker needs to have 8 years of experience. 

Important Subjects involved in bakery and confectionery courses:-

The basic subjects in Diploma or Certificate course in Bakery and Confectionery include-

  1. Introduction to bakery
  2. Quality testing or products
  3. Role of Bakery Ingredients
  4. Cake making
  5. Bread making process
  6. Packaging and labelling
  7. Food safety and food law etc.

What do students get to learn in a Bakery and Confectionery course?

Candidates get to learn a wide range of skills and knowledge in Bakery and Confectionery courses and the primary ones involves:-

  •   Icing skills- Students learn to make different types of icing and their use in the presentation.
  •   Baking- Candidates get to learn about baking different types of bread, biscuits, patties, muffins, cakes, etc. Students learn about using baking equipment like an oven and a microwave.
  •   Storage or products- Confectionery and bakery items require a particular temperature and atmosphere for storage.
  •  Make Ice creams and ice bombs- Students learn to prepare different types and flavors of ice cream and ice bombs. etc

Courses to become a baker in India:-

NFCI (National Finishing and cookery Institute) is a leading hotel management institute in India. It offers multiple courses in Bakery and Confectionary like:-

  •   Certificate in Bakery (eligibility- class 8 with a duration of 4 months)
  •   Diploma in Bakery
  •   Diploma in Bakery and Confectionary

Job roles for a baker in India:-

Do you know that to be a baker is more than a professional making bread and cakes? The candidates of bakery and confectionery courses have the following employment opportunities in India:

  •   Cake decorator
  •   Baker
  •   Cake artist
  •   Pastry chef
  •   Food Technologist
  •   Food stylist
  •   Freelance bakers
  •   Retail and specialist bakers
  •   Pastry chef
  •   Sales officer
  •   Food technologist

Employment opportunities for a baker in India:-

After making a career in Bakery and Confectionary candidates can get employed at:

  •   Large baked goods manufacturers
  •   Canteens
  •   Specialist bakeries
  •   Restaurants
  •   Hotels
  •   Cruise liners
  •   Retail bakeries
  •   Fast food outlets
  •   Caterers etc

Fulfill Your Aspiration To Make a Successful Career in Bakery and Confectionery with NFCI.

career in bakery and confectionery

Why choose NFCI for making a career in Bakery and Confectionary? 

NFCI is an ideal destination offering diploma and online certificate courses in Bakery and Confectionary. The expert educators at NFCI teach aspirants about innovation and experimentation in Bakery that makes them stand out from others in their career profile. It has fully equipped modern labs for practicals. NFCI provide internships and 100% placement in some of the biggest companies in this field.

The industry of Bakery and confectionery has a huge demand for well-trained and professional bakers because the number of bakeries, confectionery stores, restaurants, and hotels is increasing in India. NFCI also offers online Bakery Courses and culinary courses with its online learning platform 'theilearning. So, students can pursue their dreams by learning from their homes.