Cooking Institute in Mehre, Hamirpur

In the region of Himachal Pradesh, one of the most renowned Hotel Management Institute is, NFCI. National Finishing and Cookery Institute (NFCI) is the leading Cooking and Culinary institute that provides best cooking courses. It is situated in Barsar near Mehre, Hamirpur.

Cooking institute in Mehre, Hamirpur is famous to provide professional skills in cooking and culinary courses. This hotel management institute trained aspirants for the hotel industry.

Expansion of food and beverage industry is responsible for the rise in the demand of qualified, professional and trained staff. Therefore, many aspirant cooks are doing professional course to pursue their career in the hotel industry. This modern day of cooking courses include wide variety of skill training and specialized theory syllabus. Following are the courses that are offered by NFCI- Cooking Institute in Mehre, Hamirpur:

Cooking Courses we offer at NFCI, Hamirpur  

NFCI-Hotel Management and Culinary Institute trained students to become professional in their genre. Various programs related to cooking & culinary courses are provided in NFCI. All the courses are certified by the central government under NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation), NIOS (National Institute of Open School). This hotel management institute also provides some courses under its own certification because NFCI is affiliated under central government.

Following are the courses that cooking institute in Mehre, Hamirpur offers

NFCI’s own Affiliation Courses

Diplomain CookingNFCI (National finishing and cookery institute) offers diploma in cookery or cooking in which aspirants cooks learn about professional cooking skills and get prepared for the hotel Industry.

The eligibility that required for this course is 10th or 12th. The duration of this course is of 1 year and 6 months industrial training is also provided to the students for their bright career in culinary world. 

NSDC affiliation courses

Trainee Chef: The numbers of food lovers are increasing every day helps hotel industry to grow. Therefore, along with the professional chefs, trainee chefs are also needed. Basically trainee chefs are those who work under the head chefs. They have to follow the instructions of their senior and follow their instructions. Storage of food material, accurate disposal, item supervision etc., is covered under their responsibility areas. 

The duration of the trainee chef course is of 6 months, and the students who has done 10th can apply for this certified course.

NIOS affiliation courses

Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery:  This course is for the bakery enthusiastic who wants to set up their career professionally in bakery. In this 1 year diploma course, students are trained to make every dessert that comes under bakery & confectionery. Also, proper guidance will provide to the students about how they can start their career professionally in bakery & confectionery.

Along with this, some creative skills are also taught to students to work like proper professional bakers. The student who has complete 10th can opt for this bakery and confectionery diploma course.

Career opportunities after cooking courses:-

In recent times people love to explore new place and new kind of food too. As results, more hotels, restaurants etc., have started, and this leads to generate more jobs and business opportunities in the field of cooking.

Job Placements area  

  • Hotel: -Cooking courses are done by most of the students because of their will of working in hotels. But, the hotel which is well reputed and classy needs highly certified persons only. Therefore, after completing your course you can be eligible to get a job in any hotel.
  • Restaurant: - Restaurant has become the most favourite place for the people because of their quick service. You can work in a restaurant at a reputed position if you are certified.
  • Railway: - Railways pantries are working at a high scale because of having high demand of the food for the people who are travelling.
  • Hospital: -Pantries or canteen in the hospitals also needs a perfect person who cooks nutrient and healthy food for the patients.
  • Catering company: - Catering companies’ jobs are most popular because it offers high payment in less working days. Because catering companies work as per their order and bookings.
  • Education: - As education institutes are increasing at a rocketed speed, similarly the demand of faculties in this kind of institution has also increased.
  • Airlines:There are two types of cooking course related jobs are available in the airlines. One is airport, and another one is
  • Cruise lines: Cruise is like a hotel, and all the functions done here are similar to hotels. There are plenty of jobs available in the cruise lines.
  • Army: If you have done any cooking courses that are mentioned above then you can surely get a job in army.
  • Government hub: There are some centers and departments where cooks are needed. And, the one who has done the certified cooking course gets first preference.

Hotel Management courses are available:  Besides these above cooking courses, NFCI also offers various  Hotel management courses. Being a Hotel Management Institute, the courses that are provide here are to trained student professionally. Diploma in front office operations, Diploma in housekeeping, Diploma in Food & Beverage service- steward, Certificate course in meet & greet officer etc., are some of the hotel management courses provided at Cooking institute in Mehre, Hamirpur. 

How you can contact to the cooking Institute in Mehre, Hamirpur: 

The Hotel Management Courses that are mentioned above are provided at the hotel management institute in Mehre, Hamirpur. NFCI being a leading hotel management institute offers professional courses along with 6 months Industrial training for the students.