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telephone etiquette in hotel industrry

Why Telephone Etiquette Matters in the Hotel Industry

It takes twenty years to build the reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you will do things differently. –Warren Buffet

Have you ever experienced someone’s bad behavior on the call?

Did you feel anger?

If it was an inquiry call to any hotel then would you ever prefer to visit that place?

Of course, not. It is sure that you are shaking your head into ‘no.’ then; you can better understand that if we can’t bear another person’s bad way of talking on the call then how another person will feel when we talk in the same way.

Communication on the phone is the key to generating business in this modernized world. Therefore, just like other basic manners and etiquette, telephone etiquette is also necessary to learn. Especially, if you are working in the hotel industry.  As we all know hospitality and hotel industry is all about manners, kindness, and professionalism. It requires politeness and a cool temper at all intervals because you will get to meet and greet numerous types of guests. Therefore telephone etiquette matters in the hotel industry.

What is telephone etiquette :-

Telephone etiquette means the manners of telephone communication. In simple terms, it is the way of talking with the other person including the way of greeting the caller, the tone of your voice, the words you are choosing to speak, how attentively you are listening, and the way of ending the call, etc.

Importance of telephone etiquette in the hotel industry : –

  • It shows professionalism: Just like when you meet someone personally for the first time, at that time the first impression matters the most. Similarly, the way you talk on the phone speaks volumes about your professionalism.
  • Build loyalty and trust:If you’ll talk with someone politely and respectfully then your professionalism will show which helps to gain the loyalty and trust of the guest.
  • Leave a good impression:Imagine if you would call the hotel for some inquiry and someone talk with you rudely. I am sure you’ll never go to visit the hotel. That’s why telephone etiquette in the hotel industry is a must to make a good impression on the call.

No matter what your personal issues are and how bad your mood is, when you are at your business you should transform completely into the business zone.

A famous poet says, ‘Your Mood Should Not Dictate Your Manners.

  • Increase guest satisfaction: If the guest will be not satisfied then how you will get the business for the hotel. Therefore, the guest must be properly satisfied on the call, so that the guest decides to visit the place for sure.

Do’s of telephone etiquette in the hotel industry: –

  • Answer the call quickly:Always answer the call within 2-3 rings. It will show your professionalism and dedication to work.
  • Always have a Pen and paper:You must always have a pen and paper with you to write the details of the guest.
  • Introduce yourself:Always introduce yourself after greeting the guest.
  • Listen carefully:Don’t hurry.You should always pay close attention and listen carefully to the guest. It helps you to get proper details.
  • Give proper attention: It is very obvious that the guest would be expecting proper attention from your side on the call. It is also necessary because if you’ll pay proper attention, no single piece of information is going to skip by your side.
  • Take permission:Always take permission from the guest if you are going to transfer the call to another concernedperson.
  • Quick follow back:Always give a call back if you have told the guest that you’ll call back.
  • Politely ask if any doubt:After giving proper information, always ask politely if the guest have any other doubt.
  • Confirm the details:Always cross-check the details with the guest so that there will be no chance of confusion.
  • Politely close the conversation:Always end the conversation politely with a wish to the guest. Such as: ‘Have a nice day.’
  • Satisfy your guest:You always make sure that at the end of the conversation your guest must be satisfied properly.
  • Let the guest hang up first:Always cut the call only after the guest. Otherwise, it will look like you were in a hurry to cut the call. 

Don’t of telephone etiquette in the hotel industry:-

  • Let call ring for long: Not answering the call within 2 or 3 rings shows the guest that you are not serious about the business.
  • Not greeting properly:Not greeting your guest after picking up the call shows that the guest’s call is like a headache for you. Not just hotel industry telephone etiquette, it indicates that you don’t even have the basic etiquette of greeting others.
  • Answer the call rudely:Never answer the call in a rude tone. It will leave a negative impression on the guest.
  • Start searching for pen and paper:The wait time between you said the guest to hold the call and start searching for pen and paper to write the details can make the guest irritate.
  • Not writing the details:No matter how strong your memory is but never skip any detail of the guest. Because asking again for the details will leave a negative impression.
  • Unnecessarily put the call on hold:Never hold the call un-necessarily, but if important then always take the permission of the guest first.
  • Transfer call without permission:Never transfer the call without informing or without taking the permission of the guest on the call.
  • Eating something while talking:Imagine you are talking with someone and that person is munching something while talking on the call. Doesn’t it sound weird?
  • Show dis-interest to talk:The way you talk will tell the person on the other side if you are interested to talk or not. Therefore, your voice should always be powerful and cheerful.
  • Talking to another person while attending a call:Your complete focus should be on the guest who is on the call at that time. Never talk to another person when you are talking with the guest on the call.
  • Hang up without thanking:Thank you is a must as the greeting is while picking up the call. It is necessary to end the call on a good note.
  • Hang up the call first: If you hang up the call first shows the guest that you were in hurry to cut the call and also leave a bad impression.
  • Lose your temper:When you pick up the call you never knew how other person will talk or behave. Therefore, being a part of the hotel industry, it is your responsibility to stay calm and try to manage no matter how badly the guest talks.

As Wendell Willkie says, ‘The test of good manners is to be able to put up pleasantly with bad ones.’

Some Tips To Improve telephone etiquette in the hotel industry:-

  • Always answer the call quickly.
  • Greet politely.
  • Must smile when you speak
  • Your voice should be clear – speak clearly
  • Always ask permission and Say thank you after that.
  • Don’t interrupt your guest while talking.
  • Be focused
  • Repeat details

From the above text, now it would be clear to you how much telephone etiquette matters in the hotel industry. It is also essential because the hotel industry is competitive and if you do not make it right then your guest will choose another option. Therefore, if you are not polite, knowledgeable, respectful, and prompt then you will not be able to generate business for your hotel industry.

Therefore, it says. ‘Make good choices today, so that you don’t need to regret tomorrow.’

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