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How to Select the Best Culinary School in India?

Choosing one of the top and best culinary schools can be a tough choice for most of the aspirants. You might be getting direction of joining some restaurant to begin your chef career and that is really confusing whether to join culinary institute or not.

We’d always suggest to begin your chef career with a cooking institute. There you will not only get a real life chef experience from industries best chef experts but learn best practices and become certified chef.

You may have seen most of the top chef are cooking institute graduate.

If you are dreaming of a perfect culinary school, here is a guide for your help.

culinary school

Get an Insight Into the World of Cooking Arts

Before we begin listing the steps to select the perfect institute for any cooking & chef course, let’s understand few basic skills, responsibilities, and roles.

Have you ever wondered why a dish tastes so good at times? The texture of the dish, taste, presentation, and colors of the dish there is so much that goes into making a single dish. Thus it should be at last satisfactory for the person eating the dish. In culinary arts, the responsibility of the artist is to make sure all the aspects are fulfilled satisfying the taste of your customer.

We know one could never imagine the hard work that goes into making a single dish. It is not just the taste that matters but how it looks is also an important aspect. A skilled and experienced cooking artist will always have to understand the importance of presenting the food too.

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What roles can you get as a cooking artist?

Pursuing a course in cooking arts can unlock potential opportunities for you. Scroll down to know a few roles.

  • Restaurant manager 
  • Food and beverage manager 
  • Chef 
  • Hotel management consultant 
  • Product development manager
  • Catering manager 
  • Executive chef 
  • Food stylist 
  • Food production manager
  • Nutritionist

How to pick the best culinary Institute?

There are a few aspects that you need to consider before any hefty investment in any of the courses related to cooking. The first question that will come to your mind is the factors that you need to consider before choosing a hotel management school. In this guide, we have jotted a few pointers for you.

Accreditation & Awards

Having an accreditation gives you a sense of reputation and an idea about the institute. You can also judge a school by its age. As no awards or accreditation can come to a school overnight. Get into the track records of the alumni and check for the awards the school has received. So make sure to check this before entering into one.

Faculty: One of the Crucial Feature for a Culinary School

The best teachers can indeed make the best students. Before you pick any of the culinary schools make sure to check the faculty and read about them. The school should have some of the best experts who can help you shape a perfect career in cooking industry. Look at the experience and qualifications that the faculty holds.

Training: On-Field

Professional exposure is a must-have on the list of any student looking to make a career in one of the best institutes. We can‘t agree more with this as only theoretical lessons cannot teach you to have the perfect experience. These cooking internships will not only help you with hands-on experience and good confidence. But will also boost your CV. Also, check if the culinary school provides you with enough space and time to practice. Visits from experts, workshops, and seminars can also help you enhance your growth.

Alumni & placement

The reality of any institute can be easily judged by the placement it is offering. Everyone can call in great experts. Provide you with experienced staff and many other things. However, getting the students placed is one of the most challenging tasks. Placement does not only come with providing your opportunities but to prepare you for an interview is equally mandatory. You should keep a check if the institute gets you some of the top recruiting leaders for your final hiring.

Course Curriculum

The course you opt for should make you aware of the other aspects of the hospitality industry too. Apart from being a cook, it should cover different aspects of the industry and how you can master them. The course should aim at making you knowledgeable and confident to explore careers in food styling, catering, food photography, and other great earning profiles too.

Sum-up to Select the Culinary Institute

  • Reputation: Look for institutes with a stellar reputation in the cooking world.
  • Curriculum: Examine the curriculum to ensure it covers a wide range of cooking techniques, from classic to contemporary.
  • Facilities: The institute should have state-of-the-art facilities, including fully equipped kitchens, modern cooking equipment, and ample space for students to practice their culinary skills.
  • Industry Connections: Consider culinary school that have strong ties with the industry. Look for partnerships with renowned restaurants, hotels, or cooking education organizations, as this can provide valuable networking opportunities and internships.
  • Alumni Network: Research the institute’s alumni network and see if they have successful graduates who are making waves in the hotel management world.
  • Accreditation: Ensure that the culinary institute is accredited by recognized cooking college associations or educational bodies.
  • Location: Consider the location of the institute. Look for culinary schools situated in hotel management hubs or cities known for their vibrant food scene. This can provide you with more exposure to diverse cuisines and hotel management experiences.
  • Cost and Financial Aid: Evaluate the cost of the program and inquire about any available scholarships or financial aid options.

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Top recruiters for Hotel Management students

The cooking arts aspirants can look for jobs in restaurants, hotels, educational institutes, and the airline industry. While some recruiters are leading in this market, they are as follows.

  • Hyatt Hotels 
  • ITC Group of Hotels 
  • The Taj Group of Hotels 
  • The Oberoi 
  • Hilton Worldwide 
  • The Lodhi

If you are still unable to take the decision; we have explained it further to help you selecting the best hotel management institute in India.

It is important to know that selecting the best culinary institute is a personal decision. Take your time to visit the colleges, select with faculty, students, and research online about the institution before taking the decision.