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Dreams do come true – Success Story

Success Story is the series of stories built at NFCI (Leading Hotel Management and Hospitality management institute of North India since last 27 years) to introduce you to people who credit NFCI for fulfilling their dreams.

 “Dreams do come true” – an inspiring journey of Chef Puneet Kumar

The title of this success story of Chef Puneet Kumar says a lot about it. We all have dreams but we all have fears too and we get afraid to realise our own dreams. Here is an inspiring success story of a student – A Bakery shop owner and an Entrepreneur. When he started his studies at NFCI- (North India’s best Institute with 27 years of track record of changing lives positively), his dream was to become a successful chef.With his inhibitions he was in doubt if he will really be a Chef someday but at NFCI (Best cookery and hospitality management school)  we just don’t teach them their syllabus as per curriculum we also work round the clock for the overall Development and hence making them realise their own potential.Chef Puneet says in his own words “With proper guidance and coaching from all the teachers and Chefs at NFCI, Today I am a Owner of Bakery Shop in Tanda, Punjab”. Many Thanks to NFCI .