Food and Beverage Services

The food and beverage service is part of the service-oriented hospitality sector. It can be a part of a large hotel or tourism business and it can also be run as an independent business. The members of the F & B Services team are required to perform a wide range of tasks which include preparation for service, greeting the guests, taking their orders, settling the bills, and performing various other tasks after the guests leave.

Food and Beverage Services can be extensively characterized as the way toward getting ready, introducing, and serving food and drinks to the clients.

The food and drink administrations area contributes an incredible arrangement to the benefits in the neighbourliness business. With the increment in the significance of conferences, a scope of individual and get-togethers, countless clients visit cooking foundations as often as possible.

F&B Services can be of the accompanying two sorts −

On-Premise − Food is conveyed where it is readied. The client visits the reason to profit the foodservice. The premises are kept exceptional and very much completed to pull in clients to benefit F&B administration.

For instance, eateries, bars, and so on

Off-Premise or Outdoor Catering − this sort of administration incorporates incomplete cooking, readiness, and administration at client's premises. It is given away from the F&B Services supplier's base on the event of significant occasions which require countless clients.

Objectives of F & B Services:

Food and Beverage Service Objectives:

The food and refreshment administration is looked as a methods for accomplishing fulfilment and causing yourself to feel good in this day and age. The primary destinations of this help are −

To fulfill the accompanying requirements −

  • Physiological − the need to taste various assortments of food.
  • Efficient − the need to get F&B Services at the contributed cost.
  • Social − the need to discover well-disposed environment.
  • Mental − the need to hoist confidence.
  • To give top notch food and drinks.
  • To give agreeable and inviting atmosphere.
  • To give proficient, clean, and mindful assistance.
  • To give an incentive for cash.
  • To hold the current clients and to acquire new ones.
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Food and Beverage Services in Hotel:

Most of the star-ranked hotels offer multiple F&B services in their hotels. They can be −






Grill Service


Room Service

poolside-bar (1)

Poolside Barbecue


Banquet Service

bar-icon-png-6 (1)



Outside Catering Service


Coffee Shop

F&B Services Department

The F&B Services personnel are responsible to create the exact experience the guests wish for. The department consists of the following positions –


            The Food & Beverage Service Manager is responsible for − 

  • Ensuring profit margins are achieved in each financial period from each department of F&B service.
  • Planning menus for various service areas in liaison with kitchen.
  • Purchasing material and equipment for F&B Service’s department.

Assistant Food & Beverage Service Manager


The Assistant Food & Beverage Service Manager is aware of and is tuned to all the work the F&B Services Manager performs and carries out the same in the absence of his superior.


 The Restaurant Manager looks after the overall functioning of a restaurant. The responsibility of this staff member include −

  • Managing the functions in the dining room
  • Ordering material
  • Stock-taking or inventory checking.
  • Supervising, training, grooming, and evaluating the subordinates
  • Preparing reports of staff and sales
  • Managing budgets
  • Handling daily sales and coordinating with cashiers


The Room Service Manager is responsible for −

  • Selecting, training, encouraging, and evaluating all junior employees
  • Ensuring that cultural values and core standards of F&B department/establishment are met
  • Controlling labour expenses through staffing, budgeting, and scheduling
  • Handling guest complaints
  • Providing special requests


  The Banquet Manager is responsible for −

  • Setting service standard for banquets
  • Forecasting and allocating budgets for various types of events such as conferences, meetings, etc.
  • Achieving food and beverage sales
  • Controlling chinaware, cutlery, glassware, linen, and equipment
  • Handling decorations and guest complaints
  • Providing special requests
  • Purchasing required stock by following appropriate requisition procedures
  • Following up each function by receiving guest feedback and submitting it to F&B Manager
  • Participating in departmental meetings
  • Planning and pricing menu
  • Training, grooming, and development of staff underneath


The Bar Manager is responsible for −

  • Forecasting the daily flow of customers
  • Allocating right number of staff according to customer influx
  • Managing and monitoring bar inventory from store to bar
  • Tracking all types of drink sales
  • Allocating cleaning and tendering tasks

 Job Roles in F&B Services

Food and refreshment serving and related labourers play out an assortment of client care, food arrangement, and cleaning obligations in eateries, cafeterias, and other eating and drinking foundations.

Food and drink serving and related labourers normally do the accompanying:

  • Welcome clients and answer their inquiries regarding menu things and specials.
  • Take food or drink orders from clients.
  • Hand-off clients' orders to other kitchen staff.
  • Plan food and drink orders, like sandwiches, servings of mixed greens, and espresso.
  • Acknowledge installments and equilibrium receipts.
  • Serve food and beverages to clients at a counter, at a stand, or in a lodging.
  • Clean doled out work regions, feasting tables, or serving counters.
  • Renew and stock assistance stations, cupboards, and tables.
  • Set tables or get ready food plate for new clients.


The ability you will gain from the Food and Beverage Service -

  • Instructions to set up and close the café
  • Bar strategies, mixed drink, and mocktail readiness and refreshment administration.
  • Comprehend different sorts of wine and how to serve wine to the visitor.
  • Comprehend about food and style of food administration.
  • Successful correspondence with the visitor in appropriate habits.
  • Wellbeing and Safety in Catering and Hospitality.
  • Enactment in Food and Beverage Service.
  • Menu Knowledge and Design.
  • Applying Workplace Skills.
  • Standards of Beverage Product Knowledge.
  • Administration of Hot Beverages.
  • Improve persuasiveness.


There are numerous kinds of Food and Beverage Operations. It is important to characterize all the F&B Sectors for a superior comprehension of their activities.

  • A profession in the Food and Beverage Service Industry.
  • Underneath areas are has a place with Food and Beverage Service Industry- Inns.
  • Cafés.
  • Mainstream providing food Café, Coffee shop, Steak houses.
  • Cheap Food–McDonald's, Burger King, KFC.
  • Remove Sandwich bar, Kiosks.
  • Retail location.
  • Banqueting, Conferences, Exhibitions.
  • Government assistance Catering-Hospitals, School, Prison's, College.
  • Open air Catering.
  • Transport Catering-Railway, Airlines, and Cruise lines.

NFCI Offers Two Types of Courses in F&B Services

There is an expanding interest for qualified assistance experts in the Food and Beverage Industry. Our program gives you the upside of formal preparing and associates you with forthcoming bosses. The foodservice business is unique in relation to other industry in fulfilling the necessities of clients. It fulfils quite possibly the main physiological requirements of the buyers that is of appetite and thirst. The need is fulfilled for each brief timeframe (might be for 4 hours or more), after which the physiological emerges again and must be met.

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At NFCI National Finishing and Cookery Institute you can join the F & B Services certificate course affiliated by NSDC and Diploma course with NIOS which trains you on the whole regions of cordiality including Food and Beverage Service. Our understudies like Food and Beverage Manager, Restaurant Manager, and so forth in top inns and café around the planet. We give our understudies available preparing in the division of Food and Beverage administration and Food Production which encourages them to dominate in their pragmatic exhibition and gives them an edge over their rivals on the lookout.

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