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NFCI Cooking Institute in Zirakpur

NFCI Cooking Institutes across the key cities of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh have furnished the needs of those zealous about cooking and wanting to enhance their skills further-up with systematic training. In this league of cooking institutes, the centre at Zirakpur, Punjab, has made a remarkable name by churning out promising young talented chefs. The cooking courses that can be availed at NFCI Zirakpur give a wholesome understanding of the dynamic curriculum. Ranging from Indian cuisine to the continental cuisine, these courses promise to train the students to perfection. The qualified and experienced faculty at this leading Cooking Institute along with the backing of the NFCI Group – are essentially its core strengths.  The trainer chefs leave no stone unturned to develop their skills and abilities of the students. The fun and supportive environment at this Zirakpur centre adds to the ease and learning of the students. Theoretical classes are essentially conducted to deliver the in-depth knowledge of the finer culinary aspects related to kitchen organisation, cutlery know-how and ingredient knowledge. Practical workshops conducted by the chefs engage the students in learning the tools and techniques of cooking, food customs, table manners and food customs as well.

Cooking Courses offered at NFCI Zirakpur include short term certificate courses in various cuisines and also the more detailed diploma course in cookery. Those wanting to learn baking – cakes, breads and cookies- can opt for the certificate course in baking.

Celebrated chefs and renowned culinary experts are invited as resource persons for conducting interactive workshops at NFCI Zirakpur. There workshops facilitate the learning of the latest aspects of the culinary world coupled with sharing of the real world professional experiences.

It is always stated that cooking is an art and the cooking classes at NFCI Zirakpur promise to help you master this art.