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No. 1 Healthy Diet Plan: The Atlantic Diet A Continental Cuisine Recipe


The Atlantic Diet that is rooted with Continental Food making a new trend that is a best healthy diet plan for health. The Atlantic diet is mainly considered as a Spain and Portugal food.

Atlantic Diet have many similarities with Mediterranean food but there is a difference in food that is making this food more healthy diet plan and trending on google.

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In this article we are going to see what is Atlantic diet, why a new research says it as a healthy diet plan that gives you many more benefits.

Based on the eating patterns of people in northwest part of Spain and northern Portugal, the Atlantic diet is characterized by people as a high consumption of fresh and local seafood, vegetables, olive oil, and more due to local production it is considered as a healthy diet plan.

Diet plan of northern part Spain and Portugal have long been noted in the world for their many health benefits, but the new study is conducted that explains about health benefits of diet that is most common in Spain and Portugal.

Here’s is the full information what experts had to say about the Atlantic diet, why it has such a positive effect on metabolic health and many more.

What Is an Atlantic Diet (Continental Cuisine Recipe)?

Atlantic diet cuisine mainly based in Spain and Portugal cuisine that have many similarities to the Mediterranean cuisines. It is considered as a best healthy diet plan in continental cuisine recipe for everyone.

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Atlantic Diet is like the Mediterranean cuisine with many similarities that includes the consumption of fresh, seasonal food, and locally sourced foods such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, and dairy products, it is commonly consumed by local peoples.

However, the diets have some notable differences that is the main branch from regional history.

Beyond the Atlantic diet food and its nutritional values, cooking techniques are another thing that makes the Atlantic diet is different from its Mediterranean cuisine.

In Atlantic diet cooking techniques includes activities such as steaming, boiling, baking, grilling, or stewing that result in less modification of the nutritional composition of foods, then other frying method of cooking.


Origins and Key Components

1. Geographical Roots:

  • The Atlantic diet traces its origins to the Celtic peoples inhabiting the European Atlantic Arc.
  • These coastal communities have long relied on their local bounty, including an abundance of seafood, vegetables, and olive oil.

2. Food Staples:

      • Fresh and Local: The Atlantic diet revolves around fresh, seasonal ingredients. It encourages the consumption of:

        • Fruits and vegetables
        • Whole grains and cereals
        • Fish, mollusks, and crustaceans
        • Olive oil
        • Chestnuts and legumes
        • Honey and whole nuts
      • Moderate Intake: While the Atlantic diet shares similarities with the Mediterranean diet, it has some distinct features:

        • Wine: Moderate consumption of wine
        • Dairy: Milk, cheese, and eggs
        • Meat: Pork and beef
      • Limited Consumption:

        • Fatty meats
        • Sweets
        • Soft drinks

Benefits of (Atlantic Diet) Healthy Diet Plan?

1. It Reduces Risk of Metabolic Syndrome:

  • Metabolic syndrome—a cluster of conditions including high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high blood sugar, a large waistline, and low HDL cholesterol—poses a significant health risk.
  • A recent study published in JAMA Network Open investigated the impact of the Atlantic diet on metabolic health. Study conducted in families who followed this traditional diet for few days experienced a lower risk of metabolic syndrome.

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The diet’s emphasis on whole foods, especially seafood, vegetables, and olive oil, seems to play a crucial role in improving metabolic markers.

2. Real-World Context:

  • Unlike previous theoretical studies, this research utilized real food consumption data from individuals.
  • Educational sessions, cooking classes, and support were provided to the participants during a 6-month dietary intervention.
  • The results were promising, highlighting the practical benefits of the Atlantic diet.

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Should You Try Healthy Diet Plan?

1. Considerations:

  • If you’re looking for an alternative to the Mediterranean diet, the Atlantic diet is worth exploring.
  • It’s particularly beneficial for those at risk of metabolic syndrome, including individuals with overweight or obesity and older adults.

2. Nutrients:

  • The Atlantic diet’s focus on nutrient-dense foods contributes to better weight management and reduced waist circumference.
  • High-fiber and high-protein foods enhance satiety and support cardiovascular health.


The Atlantic diet, with its coastal food and it emphasis on wholesome ingredients, offers a fresh perspective on healthy eating.

Whether you relish a plate of grilled fish or drizzling olive oil over salad, or your favourite dish in Atlantic diet remember that nutritious traditions not only benefits health but also it is delicious.

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Remember, the Atlantic diet isn’t just about what you eat continental cuisine or European food but it’s a celebration of European culture, community, food and well-being and can be used as a healthy diet plan.

We hope this article is helpful for you, to know about diet and food that is prepared commonly in Spain and Portugal you can search it on google or we are also going to share healthy diet plan that you can make in home.

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