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Suji Benefits and Recipes

12 Easy and Delicious Suji Benefits and Recipes to Must Try   

Sooji, also known as Semolina, which is commonly known as Suji or Rava in Indian households, is made from durum wheat. It is a staple ingredient in many Indian households. Its versatility allows it to be used in a variety of dishes, from savoury snacks to sweet desserts. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy breakfast option or a delectable treat in hunger, sooji has got you covered. Here are 12 easy and delightful recipes that you must try!


Benefits of ‘Suji’

Suji provides plenty of benefits due to its essential nutrients, protein, fibre vitamins and minerals. It will improve your digestion as result good bowel movements as well as your overall health. Including sooji in your diet to make your body more energetic.

Here are the following benefits of Sooji:

  1. Healthy Muscles: Sooji contains calcium and magnesium, which help maintain healthy muscles. These minerals are essential for muscle function and overall well-being.


  1. Heart Health: Sooji is excellent for heart health. It contains selenium, which protects the heart from infections and strengthens the immune system. Regular consumption of sooji can improve cardiovascular health and prevent heart-related issues.


  1. Prevents Anemia: Sooji is a great source of iron, crucial for blood circulation and overall functioning. Including sooji in your diet can help prevent anemia.


  1. Controls Overeating: Sooji, made from durum wheat, keeps you full for longer periods, preventing overeating. Its slow digestion also aids in weight management.


  1. Improved Digestion: The fiber in sooji supports healthy digestion and promotes regular bowel movements.


  1. Boosts Energy: Sooji provides energy due to its carbohydrate content. It’s a great choice for maintaining energy levels throughout the day.


  1. Rich in B Vitamins: Sooji contains B vitamins like thiamine and folate, which are essential for overall health.


  1. Heart-Healthy: Sooji’s iron and magnesium content supports red blood cell production and heart health.



  1. Suji Balls

These crispy and flavorful balls are made by combining sooji with spices, coconut, and cashews. Perfect for breakfast or as a snack, they are sure to be a hit with everyone.


Suji Balls Recipe

  1. Roast sooji until golden brown.
  2. Mix with grated coconut, chopped cashews, and spices.
  3. Shape into balls and fry until crispy.


  1. Suji Halwa

A classic Indian dessert, sooji halwa is made with sooji, ghee, and sugar. It’s rich, aromatic, and perfect for celebrations.

suji halwa recipe

Sooji Halwa Recipe

  1. Roast sooji in ghee until fragrant.
  2. Add sugar and water, stirring continuously.
  3. Cook until the mixture thickens and ghee separates.


  1. Suji Ka Cheela

A Savory pancake made from sooji, curd, and vegetables, sooji ka cheela is quick to prepare and great for breakfast or brunch.



Sooji Ka Cheela Recipe

  1. Mix sooji with curd and water to form a batter.
  2. Add chopped vegetables and spices.
  3. Pour onto a hot griddle and cook until golden brown on both sides.


  1. Suji Upma

A savory dish made by stir-frying sooji with vegetables like carrots, peas, and spices, sooji upma is a wholesome and satisfying meal.


Suji Upma Recipe

  1. Roast sooji until golden brown.
  2. Sauté vegetables and spices in oil.
  3. Add roasted sooji and water, cooking until the mixture thickens.


  1. Suji Pancakes

Fluffy and soft, these pancakes are made by mixing sooji with yogurt, water, and baking powder. They make for a delightful breakfast treat.

Suji Pancakes

Sooji Pancakes Recipe

  1. Combine sooji, yogurt, water, and baking powder to form a batter.
  2. Pour onto a hot griddle and cook until bubbles form on the surface.
  3. Flip and cook until golden brown.


  1. Suji Bhel

A flavorful snack, suji bhel combines puffed rice, chopped vegetables, and roasted sooji, all tossed in homemade chutneys.


Suji Bhel Recipe

  1. Roast sooji until golden brown.
  2. Mix with puffed rice, chopped vegetables, and chutneys.
  3. Serve immediately for a crunchy snack.


  1. Suji Rolls

Crispy on the outside and soft inside, these rolls are made by spreading a mixture of sooji and spices on bread slices, then baking or frying until golden-brown.

Suji Rolls


Sooji Rolls Recipe

  1. Prepare a mixture of sooji, spices, and water.
  2. Spread on bread slices and roll them up.
  3. Bake or fry until golden brown.


  1. Suji Chips

Spicy and crunchy, sooji chips are prepared by slicing potatoes, coating them in a batter of sooji and spices, and frying until crispy.


Sooji Chips Recipe

  1. Slice potatoes thinly.
  2. Coat in a batter of sooji, spices, and water.
  3. Fry until golden and crispy.


  1. Suji Toast

Delicious and crispy, sooji toast is made by spreading a mixture of sooji, yogurt, and spices on bread slices and toasting them.


Sooji Toast Recipe

  1. Mix sooji, yogurt, and spices.
  2. Spread on bread slices.
  3. Toast until golden brown.


  1. Suji Cutlets

Crispy cutlets filled with sooji, boiled potatoes, and spices, these can be fried or baked for a healthier option.


Suji Cutlets Recipe

  1. Combine sooji, boiled potatoes, and spices.
  2. Shape into cutlets and coat with breadcrumbs.
  3. Fry or bake until golden brown.


  1. Suji Idli

Soft and spongy, sooji idlis are made from a fermented batter containing sooji, urad dal, and salt. Pair them with coconut chutney or sambar for a traditional South Indian meal.


Sooji Idli Recipe

  1. Prepare a batter of sooji, urad dal, and water.
  2. Ferment overnight.
  3. Steam in idli molds until cooked through.

  1. Suji Dhokla

Also Known as ‘Rava Dhokla’. It is Light and fluffy, sooji dhokla is prepared by steaming a batter of sooji, yogurt, and spices. It’s a delightful snack or appetizer.


Suji Dhokla Recipe

  1. Mix sooji, yogurt, and spices to form a batter.
  2. Pour into a greased dish and steam until cooked.
  3. Garnish with mustard seeds and coriander leaves.

Sooji is a versatile ingredient that can be transformed into a variety of delicious dishes. From sweet treats like sooji halwa to savory snacks like sooji cutlets, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Try these recipes and discover the magic of sooji in your kitchen!

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