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Future of Food and Beverage Industry in India

Future of food and beverage industry in India

After pandemic a lot has changed. These changes include people’s life, lifestyle, perceptions, needs, etc. But, the thing that has affected the most at that time was the people’s business. If we talk about the hotel and hospitality industry, they were completely shut. We all thought that it would be very hard for this industry to stand up again, but after the lockdown, the take-off that this industry has taken is unbelievable.

Though many changes have occurred in this industry, they have adopted everything so quickly for rapid growth. Major changes have been seen in the Food and Beverage Industry. Because this department somewhere connects the most with the customers. From cooking food to serving food to the customers while ensuring their comfort and safety is the biggest challenge of this industry, but they passed this exam in Flying Colors and brought the industry back to the top.

But let us tell you one thing, all the changes observed in the Food and Beverage industry are not because of the pandemic only. There are many other reasons responsible for the changing trends in the future of food and beverage industry in India.

Reasons of  changes and increasing demands in the Food and Beverage Industry in India:-

  • Growing population
  • Changes in technology
  • Changes in lifestyle
  • Economic growth
  • Increasing income
  • Urbanisation
  • Two or more persons start earning in the family

With the increasing demands of the customers, their preferences have also changed. Resulting in the plethora of new trends we will witness in the coming years. In fact, changes are already started showing.

Changing trends in the future ofFood and Beverage Industry in India:-

After the Pandemic, everything has changed to some extent. And so is Food and Beverage industry in India. Whether the changes are for quick growth after Covid-19 or for the changing demands of the customers, but still many changes have been seen. From taking more precautions to adding new things and services, a list of things have mentioned below-

  • Healthy and vegan Food: Healthy Food and a healthy lifestyle have become part and parcel of everyone’s life, especially after Covid-19. To increase immunity, people started eating and drinking healthy Food in lockdown, and it still continues and will remain to continue in the future also. Because somewhere, people have understood the value and importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Plant-based meat:One trend in India that is surely going very far is the usage of plant-based meat. Yes, you heard it right. It is also called vegetarian meat.
  • Super Food:Ragi, Jowar, Bajra, etc., are considered superfoods that have been part of India’s history for so long. As most people shift to a healthy lifestyle, superfoods have become their go-to choice.
  • Usage of olive oil: Olive oil was mainly used for making gourmet food. But, it has become a part of everyone’s kitchen now. It is considered a healthy oil.
  • Sustainable lifestyle:People have become more aware of sustainable living these days. Customers prefer low wastage and eco-friendly ways of food consumption. Even brands have started no plastic and only bio-degradable packing.
  • Increase demand for Gourmet food: Indian consumers shifting demand from traditional Food to gourmet food is the result of significant expansion in the gourmet food market. People like to use nutritional products and foods as they can afford these things because of their increased income.
  • Chef-driven restaurant:As people can afford to go outside to the restaurants and hotels to have a meal, they only demand high-class Food and service. And to provide this service to their customers, hotel and restaurants are appointing trained chefs to run their business.
  • The demand for packaged Food:As per Nestle’s survey, the demand for packed Food will be increased more in the coming years. Packaged or easy to make Food is preferred by most people because of the busy pace of life nowadays.
  • Home delivery:To make the system contactless due to the Covid-19 home delivery service of Food has touched the sky. It also used to run before, but Pandemic gave this service a new twist. Many online apps are providing these kinds of services. Also, it has become the most convenient thing for people, especially for the foodie.
  • Hygiene standards: After lockdown, when the doors of restaurants and hotels opened, there was only one question in the customers’ minds: Are we safe here? Therefore, to make the customers believe that they are safe here, the hygienic standards have been raised so that customers come without any fear of risk.

Keeping this thing in mind, India’s Food and safety standard authority has made a checklist of 48 points on hygiene rating.The above changes in trends show the bright future of the Food and beverage industry in India.

With the changing trends, Food and beverage industry has invented something new to offer. These innovative and new things required professional and skilled manpower. Therefore, plenty of certificate courses are provided related to Food and Beverage production and Food and Beverage Service.

Courses Related To Food And Beverage IndustryIn India: – In these courses, proper professional knowledge and training are provided to the aspirants to attain professionalism and the required skills to establish in this industry.

What you will learn in the Food and Beverage Course:

 F& B industry is vast, so it’s learning. The below-given some of the things that the students will learn:

  • Learn different cuisines: In the F & B industry, varieties of Food and beverages are served as per the customers’ demand. Therefore, all kind of cuisines related to Indian, Continental, Chinese, Tandoor, and Bakery is taught to the students.
  • Presentation skills: It can be said that the Eyes eat Food before the mouth does. Therefore teaching presentation skills to the candidates matters the most.
  • Serving skills: In the food and beverage industry, serving methodology is crucial because serving Food after preparation is an art. Therefore, an aspirant is taught serving skills to serve various dishes.
  • Cooking techniques: Varieties of cuisines require different kinds of cooking techniques. Therefore, it is a must to learn how to cook the specific kind of Food by the candidates.
  • Hygiene and sanitation: Where there is Food, there must be properHygiene and cleanliness. In this course, students will ascertain the knowledge about maintaining Hygiene and kitchen cleanliness.
  • Outdoor catering: outdoor catering involves numerous persons. Therefore, students provide training to manage and ensure customers’ needs.
  • Customer care: Your high-level service will be wasted if your customer is not satisfied with your services. So, students are taught to manage customer services ideally.
  • Table etiquettes: Theoretical and practical knowledge are provided to thestudents about the table etiquettes because these are highly considered in luxury hotels and restaurants.
  • Managing time: Time management is a must in this field because one person has to manage multiple tasks.
  • Knowledge about crockery: A student must know which particular Food is served in which particular kind of crockery.

Duration of Food and Beverage Course: This course has both short-term and long-term certificate f&B courses, so the course’s timing depends upon the choice of your course.

Eligibility of Food and Beverage Course: To become eligible for this course, the candidate must have completed 10th or 12th with flying colours from recognized universities or colleges.

Required skills for Food and Beverage Course: The below-mentioned skills are required for f & B production candidates. These are must to maintain successful existence in this field: –

  • Must know how to protect Food from defilement.
  • Know how to enhance the self-existence of the Food.
  • Has the ability to increase the quantity of Food.
  • Must have the skill to convert a normal dish into a delicious dish
  • Must be able to maintain the nutrient level of the Food
  • Always make sure the availability of food items

After discussing the skills needed in Food and Beverage production, it’s time to discuss the skills required in Food and Beverage Services.

  • Must be responsible enough
  • Must be creative
  • Have pleasant personality
  • Must have the quality of politeness, discipline, confidence, and great listening skills.
  • Ready to work in flexible hours
  • A customer-oriented approach is must to have
  • Have the ability to adjust in any situation
  • Must be dedicated to work

Who Can Do this Food and Beverage Course? 

  • A person who wants to learn special skills in Food and beverage
  • Who wants to start own hospitality business
  • A person who wants professional qualification in F & B
  • Who is looking for a short-time course
  • A hospitality professional who wants to learn extra skills

Job Opportunities in Food and Beverage industry:

From making food to serving the food with a pleasant and warm smile to the customers, from handling all the day-to-day operations to managing the kitchen, there is a lot to do in the F & B industry. Therefore, there are a lot of job opportunities in it. The following mentioned areas consist of the wide scope in this field-

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Cruise
  • Resort
  • Railway
  • Airline
  • Catering companies
  • Bars and pub
  • Casino
  • Food production organization, etc.

No matter how dark and challenging the time of the pandemic, the hospitality industry has come out stronger from it. It is growing rapidly and will continue to do so in the coming future.

Do you also want to be a part of India’s food and beverage industry?

As the hospitality industry is growing at a rocketed speed, we can say that the future of the food and beverage industry in India is very bright and pleasant. The only challenge is to fulfil the requirement of customers while following the recent trends. But, this advancement in technology required advanced skills and knowledge. Therefore, it is a must to do the above mentioned certified course of F & B.

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