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Year-End Review Meet

This event has expired

Every year in the month of December, NFCI -Leading Hotel Management Institute in India organizes year end meet for all of its staff members of all the centres. In the year 2018, it was held on 26th and 27th of December. The day started with the meditations activity, by the executive director of NFCI Mrs. Anjna Joshi and to help the employees to enlighten the inner light of oneself.
The meet resumed with the motivational session by Mr. Naveen and Mr. Gaurav Bali with many motivational learning of burst the tensions like a balloon, team work, think big and be an active listener.

Post lunch the yearly review of all the branches of NFCI was presented by the branch heads and counsellors and a guidelines to achieve the final quarter targets was given by the administrative director Mr. Sanjeev Kashyap.
The session was ended by sharing the goals for upcoming years by the director of NFCI Mr. Pamninder Singh Nagpal and by the announcement of the promotion of the most deserving members; Ms. Mamta and HR training & Placement Head Mr. Naveen Dua.


Second day of year end meet was scheduled with games and team participation’s for NFCI team members. All staff members were divided into 4 teams naming Daredevils, Superkings, Warriors and Sun Risers. The day started with the foggy morning at Dav ground by flying of balloons and pompom warm up by the girls of NFCI.
The 1st game was rugby; played by 10 players under the judgement of the coach Mr. Rommyand, the match was won by team NFCI Superkings.
2nd game was relay race between all the 4 teams and team Superkings came first in the race.
3rd game was circle touch, one name will be announced and other team members have to save the person from other team contender and the winner team was warriors.
The 4th game was blindfold, here one team member would be blindfolded and other team members would instruct from a distance to cross the maze of glasses filled with water. In this game the winners were Superkings.
The 5th game was tug of war, here two teams competed with each other and each team comprising of 3 females and 7 male members. A Daredevil was the winning team in this game.
Post lunch the games continued with game of air, here a team comprised of 4 girls and 6 boys were given one balloon each to sit on and burst it. Each member has to run to a specific position and burst the balloon by sitting on it. The winner of this game was the warriors.

The next game was Hulla Hoop, here a team comprising of 4 girls and 6 boys, standing in a row holding hands has to pass the hulla hoop till the end, without breaking the chain and shortest time is to be considered as winner. The winning team was the Superkings.
The Last game was making the chain, here all team members has to make the chain with all the things they had or they are wearing on the field in 3 minutes. The longest chain would be considered winner. Here the Sunrisers were the winners.
The day ended with the award distribution, evening snacks and group photographs.
Overall, it was a fun activity where team bonding and team play was the centre of all games. The teams with better team coordination won the games.

Start Time

9:00 am

December 26, 2018

Finish Time

7:00 pm

December 26, 2018