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NFCI Cooking Institute in Barsar, Himachal Pradesh

NFCI Barsar, Himachal Pradesh, is the pioneer Cooking Institute in the region. Having a professional backing of the NFCI Group, this institute has come a long way in attaining the status it has now earned. The centre not only provides hands-on training to the students, but also offers grooms them to steer towards a completely professional state of being. The courseware is so designed that even a first time cook can experience confidence as he learns the basic principles of cooking with ease and comfort.

This Cooking Institute has churned out a huge number of contented students who are now settled invariably in best of the restaurant chains and many are well-established independent entrepreneurs. The well accomplished faculty leaves no stone unturned for the finest learning experience for each individual who takes up a course with NFCI Barsar. This popular Cooking Institute of Barsar has garnered a lot of focus and limelight for the various events as it organises for the young talent and also prepares young talent to participate in the popular culinary events, both national and international.

Another significant benefit that NFCI Barsar gives its students is the ideal trainer : students ratio, that ensures that each student gets ample opportunities to imbibe the fine technicalities of the skill that is being learnt. The state-of-the-art set-up of the kitchens and the training labs of the Institute allow students to explore and experiment with a lot of support and guiding encouragement from the staff, thereby allowing them to learn to reach perfection through a path of trials and errors. The objective of NFCI Cooking Institute is to train students not only in mastering the cooking skills but also in making them learn to involve their creative imagination, the knack to manage the available resources optimally and also be keen to target a balance in the flavours along with an eye for visual beauty.