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Cooking Classes in Mandi

Cooking has always been an art form, a skill and an inevitable need for mankind from time immemorial. And there is always a scope for learning more and more in this global art, where cuisines and flavours are both authentic, and yet evolving. It is said that the art pf cooking is at its best and in the highest form when you mix craftsmanship with the creative inputs. With a growing number of aspirants who are wanting to make it big in the hotel industry, specialising in various cuisines, the NFCI Group has launched a centre that offers its all-popular cooking classes. This centre not only caters to budding chefs but also is a great place for first-time cooks, who want to learn the nuances of this art right from the scratch. This centre is also the right destination for all those existing professionals who want to get that top-class exposure to imbibe and experiment advanced techniques, that are so much in need in the rapidly growing hospitality industry across the globe. The rich experience of the faculty members comprising of seasoned chefs and specialists ensure that the enrolled learners are given an in-depth insight into the culinary concepts being imparted. With a limited batch size, the trainers can give that focussed attention required by each of the students. Other than the full-time diploma courses, the cooking classes at NFCI Mandi also include short term hobby sessions and certificate courses as well. The objective of all the cooking courses is to provide innovative ideas and hands-on experience to the learners, wherein in addition to learning food preparation, the students also focus on food presentation and food appreciation. For those interested, exclusive courses also encompass the nitty-gritty of tandoori cuisine and bakery. Every student also learns the basic knife skills and the preparatory techniques that are as important as the actual cooking. In addition to the authentic Indian cuisines, NFCI Mandi also offers classes on international cuisines that open up the options for the students to be armed with the best of the knowhow before they look for placements with leading hospitality chains.

With an excellent, well-experimented curriculum, NFCI Mandi promises to fulfil the needs of the aspiring culinary professionals with innovative cooking classes.