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5 Best Free Online English Learning Platforms for Students

Searching for a best platform where you can start Online English learning?

Your search ends here, because in this article you will get 5 Best Free Online English Learning platforms that helps you learning English quickly, easily, anytime, anywhere.

We already know very well about changing scenario of the world. We are here to guide you best possible platforms that suits to you and your requirement and help you to learn English quickly.

What is The Best Free Online English Learning Platforms? best free online english learning

Every platform have a unique way to teach you English. Online English learning is a convenient and flexible way to improve your English speaking, listening & reading skill from any part of the world, it can be in home, workplace, hotel, travel, and many more.

You can choose from a variety of online courses, platforms, and resources that suits to your level, goals, and interests. If you are beginner or expert then you will get many more option to choose best platform for you.

Benefits of Online English Learning Platforms :-

best free online english learning

  • You can learn at your place and time schedule, without travel or attending physical classroom.
  • You can access high-quality learning materials, advance teaching methods and teachers, including native speakers, experts, and professionals.
  • You can practice your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, as well as your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in one place. In case you are not satisfied with platform you can change it easily for practice because of many option given in this blog.
  • You can interact with other learners and teachers, question and answers, FAQ’s and get feedback and support.
  • You can explore different categories and your interest topics, such as business, country, travel, food, and more.

Online English learning can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, as long as you are willing to invest your time and effort.

We already discussed about some more online English learning benefits.

5 Best Free Online English Learning Platforms:-

The I-Learning:

NFCI Education Institute provides one of the best free Online English best free online english learningLearning platform that helps student to learn any skill by sitting at home, with flexible timing, affordable, job relevaFnt courses, Government certified courses by NSDC, International Certified Courses and many more other approved certifications.

The iLearning platform also have English Learning Basic to Advance Level Course that helps you in upgrading your English speaking, listening, and writing improvement.

If you want to learn some different other skills like Bakery Course, Continental Cooking, Indian Cooking Skills, and many other awesome courses are available in our platform. To know more visit: iLearning.

Magnet Brains:

Magnet Brains is free Online English Learning Platform. It is an Indian website, best free online english learningand if you want to start learning in Hindi then this platform is best for you.

Here you can get free online classes & notes sitting in home. You can easily get certified also with Magnet Brains.

Magnet Brains have goal to give education to everyone for free. If you want to prepare for Government Exams you can easily get access online free courses to crack exams of SSC, UPSC, NEET, RRB, Banking, IIT-JEE and many more.


Coursera is not only one of the well-known platform but also Best in best free online english learningOnline English Learning because you will get professional teachers that help you in easy and free online english learning.

Coursera partners with more than 275 educational institute, universities, schools, and companies to bring flexible timing to learn, affordable, job-relevant online learning courses to individuals and organizations worldwide.

Coursera provides wide range of leaning courses, diploma, courses to job-ready certificates and degree programs.

Tutorial Duniya

Tutorial Duniya is an Indian website that have multiple Indian Education best free online english learningcourses for free. You can also start free online english learning in this awesome website.

If you want to prepare for Indian Government Jobs than this platform is best for you to get Government Exam Paper, Question & Answers, and many more.

You can also get college notes which is available free on this platform. You will get wide range of options for learning and completing your graduation from home study.


Mindluster is One of the best website to learn any diploma or course best free online english learningonline for free and you can also do free online english learning. This platform have wide range of courses that improves your skills.

If you are beginner or intermediate expert then you can take these courses, and it is best for you because you will get training and guidance from experts with practical tutorial.

Some of the courses examples are: Programming, Graphics, Computer Science, Computer Software, Languages, Marketing Courses, and many more.

Are you interested for Free Online English Learning?

I hope this article is helpful for you. We NFCI as a Skill Development best free online english learningInstitute in India wants to aware students how many opportunities are available that helps you in making your future more bright. Therefore, NFCI started an online platform named as ‘The I-learning. Here, you can get many online courses including best free online english learning course.

Also, many other online courses such as:- Cakes and Bakes, Basics of Culinary skills, Cakes and Cookies, Certificate in Bakery, Certificate in Chinese, Certificate in Continental, Certificate in Food Production, Certificate in Indian, Certificate in Tandoori, Classic Continental etc. The best thing about these online courses are that you can get proper certification after completing the course.

We NFCI also provide Skill Development courses in Cooking like Trainee Chef Course, Bakery Course, Tandoori Courses and more. To know more Call: +91-98880-11222.

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